the first chips on the new lathe

this past week was great for weather and it almost feels like spring is toying with us to wear short sleeves and sunglasses. i have had the door to the shop open all day letting the sunshine flow in onto the cold cement floor. i have spent the last couple days finishing up daniel’s city porteur bike before i box it up and ship it to sf where i am sure he will use all of it’s 8 internal gears to the fullest. his bicycle is one of the finest riding bikes i have built in the last couple months and a damn fine looking one too. you can see full flickr photos here. i also got my lathe up and running with a little tune up and fresh oil. i have had a stack of old, worn out chainrings collecting dust waiting to be turned down to make cyclo cross guards. i love the fact that even though the ring might be worn out, it is not used up.

i decided a couple weeks ago to look into tickets to the handmade show and found a cheap price so i am going to the show to visit, work a little for rapha and also ride in the fresh show (maybe). i am putting the word out to anyone who is interested in meeting up to talk about a handbuilt bike, to send me an email so we can set up a time to meet around the show in virginia. it is a good feeling to be going to the show without all the stress and expense of shipping, building and showing. i am looking forward to talking to the builders that i have always missed in the past shows. i was going to have a new BB30 road bike in the rapha booth but i found out yesterday that since i am not a exhibitor in the show, i am not allowed to have a bike in the hall at all. lame, but i have to respect the other paying builders who have put a lot into the show. needless to say, i am very excited to use the new bb30 platform on a road bike for the 2010 racing season.

also did a great bike ride this past weekend that you can read all about at jeremy’s site over here. thanks for the great write up jd!

one last note, in an effort to help pay for the travel to and from the show, i am still selling my new ira ryan cycles t shirts and i will even knock a little off to anyone who wants one before i leave for the handbuilt show. small though large for $20 each. please send checks and a note with your size and return address to 7331 n. knowles, portland, or. 97217.


8 Responses to “the first chips on the new lathe”

  1. bikeiowa Says:

    Dude, that is totally lame. That handmade bike show is like the bull in the china shop, my way or the highway, rootin-est tootin-est bunch of crap… Presented by Shimano? Hope your retirement fund is maxing out Don Walker, so you can step aside.

    And have fun out there, Ira!

  2. Nick Says:

    Is the new Rapha BB30 bike still a steel platform?

  3. JMH Says:


    I just sent you a check for a shirt, size XL. Thanks.

  4. david Says:

    camping out may be difficult near richmond. i was planning to, but the state parks in va do not open their campgrounds until march 1. i’m sure there are koa type places along the interstate for the rv driving snowbirds, but i could not imagine staying at one of those places. i will be making a day trip from raleigh nc on friday unless i am inspired to stay another day and run into a cheap/free place to stay.
    don’t know about the riding around richmond.
    i think asheville, nc would be the perfect location for the show. it’s an incredibly cool town in a beautiful location w/ some of the best cycling in north america. you should check it out sometime.
    looking forward to seeing you and others at the show.

    david falkowski

  5. Jim Black Says:

    Hey Ira,
    I’d love one of your T-shirts, but I live in New Zealand – any alternatives to a cheque? and would you be ok about posting one out here?

    • iraryanbicycles Says:

      i do have a paypal account if that helps. i don’t have any idea how much it costs to ship to new zealand. what size do you need? i do have a friend who is coming to n.z. for a trip next week. maybe i can send it along to mail in the country. what are the odds?

      • jim Says:

        Sweet!…..though I’m all good to pay postage to save mucking your friend around – Paypal would be easy – how do I find your paypal details? I reckon I’d be a medium or a large – I’m 6 foot and skinny (150lbs).

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