january is gone

i picked up two bikes at coat the other day and would love to show them off on my flickr page. check em out here. emily’s 650b mixte is deluxe with polished fork crown and polished top caps on the seat stays. the paint is glossy and i ordered all the parts today. looking forward to this being built up with xtr, chris king, white industries, gilles berthoud, brooks and nitto. also in the bag was brian’s cx bike with another steller paint job to come out of coat paint shop. we added some swallows and extras to make his bike beautiful. i am excited to see the latest rapha continental bike get back from paint in time to be built up and ridden off to richmond, virginia for the handmade show this month.

i will be there to meet with a couple people from the east coast that have orders in for bikes and also to ride and relax in the embrocation cycling journal and rapha booth. i have wanted to have a “busman’s holiday” at the handmade show for a year or so and it looks like it will happen this year. having never been to the south-east, i am excited to ride in va.

matt hall’s art show will be happening this saturday at ristretto on  north william’s at 5pm. i had a chance to see some of matt’s drawings and they are great. drop by for a beer and see some people who tend to hide out all winter long.


One Response to “january is gone”

  1. matt hall Says:

    Well actually…….the show starts at 7pm. You are welcome to go to Ristretto and stare longingly into the windows for two hours if that makes you happy.
    The bikes look great.

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