laundry list

i love white board and those big calendars that cover your entire desk. i don’t really love the way they look but rather the way they make me able to just barely juggle my life in and out of the shop. if it weren’t for these massive note pads, my pockets and work bench would be over flowing with piles of paper and notebooks. i have thought a lot about keeping all my lists for a year and covering a wall with them but…….

an old friend of mine once said that “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

2010 is bound to be a year of more focused lists and goals and less of the road to hell. i have a couple big things coming up this spring and i am very excited to have a summer of riding in portland again.

2010 hand-built show in richmond, va. in late february. i found a cheap ticket and have a bike to take to ride while i am there so….. rapha has been kind enough to show one of my bikes as a rapha continental rider and also one of the original builders of 4 conti bikes for the team. it will be good to be in good company at the show and i think i heard that rapha is planning a ride saturday or sunday morning around the richmond area. if you will be headed to the hand-built show and would like to meet, please send me an email so i can add it to my big desktop calender. also, if anyone knows of a kind person with whom i might be able to stay with in va, please let me know as i am trying to not have to camp out.

not really a calender note but last week, while keeping tabs on local iowa domestique, jason mccartney, i noticed velonews had an interview with him about his move to the radio shack team for 2010. good read and such a great guy. it is hard to belive that someone who is that  fast on a bike is just a water carrier for the stars. jason and i once raced for the same team under kenny lefler in iowa city before jason rose quickly to elite levels and spent his early career racing in belgium in the late 90’s. working class hero and really genuine kid from iowa.

aside from brazing, filing and building bikes, rachel and i signed up for the cascade creampuff in july. rachel and matt hall have both done this brutal 100 mile mountain bike race in oakridge in the last couple years and they talked me into it this year. i got a chance to ride in oakridge last summer and it was amazing. i have lived in oregon for 10 years and have now “seen the light” for riding mountain bikes in oregon. lots of training and really my only big race goal for this year but if nothing else, it should be a good story in the end. shred!

on the long list of things i would like to do and people i want to see succeed with cycling, is the cent cols challange for 2010. phil deeker put together the great bike ride ever last year and i was priveliged to have been able to ride in it but this year, he and claire are putting together some amazing rides in the pyrenees and also a couple small spring classics tours in southern belgium. if you have an itch to ride spring classics in belgium or the mountains in southern france and a spare ticket, i strongly recommend you check it out.

the short list today and this week includes, finishing marty’s porteur bike, starting dan’s lugged road bike and checking out matt hall’s art show of drawings at ristretto coffee roasters on north williams.


One Response to “laundry list”

  1. Jeff Palmer Says:

    Ira, now the Handmade Bicycle Show will be complete. Look forward to thanking you for the wonderful bike you built for me

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