midwest visit

rach and i have been in iowa for a week visiting family since we weren’t able to make it home for the holidays. it was cold (-20 degrees) the week before we got here but everyone kept telling us that we brought a heat wave with us rising the region up to a balmy 30 degrees for a couple days. it was hard to take for a day but then we rediscovered the dual heating action of carrying wood to the wood stove still functions as it should in the snow. we did not bring bikes or even plan on riding during our trip but we both wished we had skies as the cross-country sky crowd is big in iowa city. 30th century bikes isn’t busy but they are open all winter when steve isn’t out skiing or hosting sky races in town. the shop is really good and it has a good shop smell that says they are working out well. it is cold in their space but they have a shop cat named otis that keeps them company when the repairs are slow and plenty of tubes to patch for their own use and amusement.

we have spent a lot of time visiting grandparents and family that aren’t getting any younger. it forces us to slow down and take time to realize life whizzes past us faster than we know so take a moment and make sure you are still doing good work. as my grandma says about her age, “we aren’t buying green bananas these days.”

i left some bikes started in p town and looking forward to getting back to the rain, cold and shop so i can finish up a road bike that will be going the nahbs show in feburary and get marty’s porteur bike done and to paint. emily’s mixte is waiting at the paint shop when i get back and daniel’s disc porteur parts are waiting in the shop to be put together.

home again, home again.

One Response to “midwest visit”

  1. 30thcentury Says:

    Ira! Steve isn’t the only one who runs the shop, remember?? And, jeez, we’re not THAT slow… Otis is the only one patchin’ tubes 😉

    Nice to see you & Rachel. We miss you two!


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