workin it.

it never fails. at some point in the day i flip through a handful of blogs and am always impressed with how often jeremy at embrocation is able to keep fresh and relivant content up on his blog online journal. it makes me want to up my game to be a better writer and graphic designer but then that is all time that i would be useing to build the best bikes i can build. i guess all i can say is thank you jeremy for doing such good work.

also on the list of blogs that i read and keep tabs on is molly cameron’s but now that cross is really done and she isn’t headed off to europe, it has slowed down but the new look is good. also of note is the high sheen of embro on molly’s legs. it is pretty pro. she has had an amazing year with a late start into the local cross crusade and still able to make a solid run for the series win is a long way from when i met molly in her busted little shop on northeast mlk blvd. which was full of shitty used schwinns and huffys.  good work molly.

in the coming days, i have a bunch of photos from all the bikes that i have been finishing up in the last weeks. dan’s city bike is rolling this monday when i get the shimano ten speed shifters from seattle. it is tight! stay tuned.


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