it has been a week of ups and downs. sunday started off with a fantastic mountain bike ride before we found all our stuff stolen when we got back to the car. monday before i could start my day in the shop, i had to go to the dmv for a new id, the bank to find out where my hard earned money was spent and get new credit cards and to the mall to get a new phone to be able to run a business. with all that behind me, i was happy to take shipment of my new ira ryan cycles t shirts. they look great and simple in small, medium, large and a few extra larges that are all spoken for. (holding one extra large for ya steve when you can swing by) i also have a few caps from caroline in black and white like the last batch. she is off for a winter vacation and this is it for a while so get them while they are hot. the t’s are heavyweight 100% cotton and $25. the caps are the best cycling caps ever and cost $40. both are available if you send me a check of money order made out to ira ryan cycles along with a note with your return address.

the shop has been a chore lately with portland in a cold snap. we haven’t seen a day with tempartures above 30 degrees for about 5 days and even with the heater in the shop it takes 2 hours to get the shop preheated to make it comfortable to work all day. but once i am in front of the preheated bench i have been able to finish up emily’s mixte with an old set of mixte lugs that some one sent me from england. they are old pressed lugs with two sockets for the long stays going from the headtube to the drop outs and a downtube lug that has a simple fancy cut out on top. her bike also has a polished stainless fork crown for the deluxe look up front. her bike is sure to be a sweet little bike.


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