we got robbed!

it’s sunday and cold but matt hall, tony p., shunter and i all decide to shred up the trails at brown’s camp in the snow and the ride was amazing. cold, crisp and no one out at all. the sound of crunching ice under our wheels was a refreshing sound to sloppy mud and dirty cross bikes. we locked up the car and rode up the trail not even giving a second thought to our clothes and bags in them in the car. we returned in the cold and went to get dressed to find that ALL our clothes, bags, iphones, wallets and journals had been taken.
none of us could believe it and we looked around for our bags sans id’s and credit cards but nope, they took it all and are probably spending all the money that none of us really had at walmart or toys r us right now.

with long faces we loaded our mountain bikes on top of the lil honda and drove back to portland trying to see the cup half full, somehow.

as of right now, i have no more phone, period so please email me if you need to get a hold of me.


update. monday morning is usually a day when the reset button is hit and i get a chance to start over and approach the shop bench with a fresh eye along with a good cup of coffee. well today is a bigger reset day than normal as i have to get a new driver’s license, new personal and business credit cards and find a new phone. arg. the thieves used my cards to buy $1500 at best buy last night and spent also spent the same using tony p.’s card too. the worst part of the whole experience that i can’t get over is matt hall’s sketchbook that was full of his art work, shunter’s 1980 campy belt buckle and his rent cash that he had in his bag.

it blows me away that in this world with so many people struggling to make ends meet, some people are so predatory and thoughtless to steal clothes out of a beat up little honda in a campsite parking lot. in the end, it is all stuff and the fact that matt, tony, steven and i all got to shred it up on mountain bikes is priceless. riding bikes with good people is an experience that no one can take away from you and this is what makes us able to get up and hit the reset button.


15 Responses to “we got robbed!”

  1. Scott Willson Says:

    Sucks—sorry. I always the signs about break-in at trailheads and never believe it can happen to me.

  2. Tony Pereira Says:

    Totally sucky. At least the ride was awesome.

  3. chr15 Says:

    Damn *!**!ers!
    It’s called hard earned for a reason!

  4. Ross Says:

    Sorry about your misfortune Ira. Chin up Lad!! oh and remember your Awesome!!

  5. Jonny Hamachi Says:

    The closer we get to the Holidaze…


  6. bikeiowa Says:

    I didnt do it!

    Nobody saw me do it!

    You cant prove anything!

    -Bart Simpson

    ps: Sorry to hear it, dude, gimme a call when you have a phone again!

  7. joel Says:

    man, you know i know the feeling – and like i consoled myself when we got hit at church st – at least they didnt get the bikes.

  8. Andrew C. Says:

    Eh, no good dude. A 22oz. of festive beer and a cheers to health and happiness aught to to do you guys good.

  9. Stephen Gitchell Says:

    sorry to hear about the robbery. People who did that are like maggots they eat shit and bother people.

  10. Sean Says:

    Man that really sucks. I’m sorry to hear about such a lousy end ‘o ride experience.

  11. iraryanbicycles Says:

    thanks to all for the consoling about gettin our shit stolen. i now have a new phone but the same number so you can stop leaving hate messages for the theives. in the end tony p. is right and it is important to remember that we all had a blast riding mountain bikes in the snow and we were all safe and warm when we got home.

    happy holidays!

  12. antbikemike Says:

    Ouch! Man that hurts 😦 Sorry to hear about this. Did they bust a window out of the car to get in? At least you have your good health and nice new shop to work in.

  13. Eric Jensen Says:

    Totally lame.
    I can pitch in $20 towards the missing rent.

  14. Scott Says:

    Go put a security freeze on your credit reports now! It will help a great deal if the scums try to use your identity for new credit. I had my car broken in to while mtn. biking a few years ago, and it was a nightmare. They even stole my pants and boxers! The security freeze put an end to most of the issues. A couple months later they arrested someone trying to cash one of my checks … she actually ate the check when she saw the cop. Good luck.

  15. beth h Says:

    Ira — dunno who “Shunter” is but I think I can help him out with a belt and replacement buckle. (I have one of the same big round buckles and cannot wear it anymore, and theft just sucks so, SO hard.)
    Can you email me? Or call me at the shop tomorrow (12/14). –B

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