settling in

the espresso always seems to work better this time of year and as a result ira ryan cycles gets a little boost in productivity. the overcast skies lay over the city from horizon to horizon like a big warm quilt and keep the heat in better than a clear sky. it always feels a little comforting to be underneath this grey with a hot cup of coffee and a pair of tired legs from a short morning bike ride.

i insulated the roof of the shop this past week over the thanksgiving weekend to make heating it a little more efficient. warm hands equals happy hands and more bike building. the new ira ryan cycles work space is great and getting better every week or two and i am looking forward to having an open house in the coming months to show it off a little. i have long believed that as much energy people put into their living spaces, i think that a good shop makes working that much better. i call it shop-shui.

in the stand right now is a 650b city bike for emily with a sweet mixte lug set that i received from england. pressed lugs with great shapes and a top lug with dual sockets for the long half-inch stays that run from the head tube to the rear drop outs. i am excited to build this bike as i have a thing for small bikes. it’s not a freakish thing, i just love the way the lines always seem to work out. good proportions and everything has to be perfectly placed as it is a tight fit to get fenders, racks and a pump to fit together.
maybe it is that bikes that require more head scratching time seem more gratifying when they are done.

brian’s cross bike is after that followed by a couple city bikes and a touring bike.


last weekend was the last cross race in the portland area and a lot of people are happy to have the season over. i have mixed feelings as i am tired of cleaning my bike every week for the next weeks races but i already miss the routine of sunday cross and all the people. it seems like everyone is in hibernation already and i won’t see certain people until the spring races roll around. a few friends are continuing their training and even ramping it up in preparation for the usgp next weekend and then cross nationals in bend the week after. it takes some real pro attitude to be molly cameron and be able to focus harder while everyone else is happy to do a couple rides a week and call it good. props to her and i encourage everyone to cheer for her in the coming races.

matt hall and bellin have been riding mountain bikes a lot and we all went out for  day in washington last week. super fun and i think 2010 is the year of the vtt. if you have to ask, ask molly.

aside from shop time, i look forward to spending some time in the saddle with jeremy and showing him some of the jewels of winter riding around portland. the pace of a good 4 hours in the rain really brings out some amazing conversations.




One Response to “settling in”

  1. EmK Says:

    Wooohoooo! So exciting to read about my bike being built and all the love going into it.


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