feel the heat

Joel’s custom Ira Ryan

Originally uploaded by Brujo))).

cyclo cross is wrapping up, the stove top espresso pot is kicking into high gear a couple times a day and i just got a new heater in the shop. it has been a couple weeks of chilly mornings and cold hands all day long trying to file, cut and build bicycle frames. the new shop has recently been updated with a big 220 volt line to run my mill which has been a 700 pound paperweight since we moved it in a month ago. i am happy to have my machine back as it turns my 3 hour hand mitering job into a 3 minute per tube process. coffee, cold and machines all add up to a jump in productivity these past weeks.

i am working on daniel’s city bike then emily’s commuter before i start a handful of cross bikes and touring bikes. very exciting and i should have some pics in the coming weeks.

also in the works are new ira ryan cycle t shirts in black with a team issue inspired graphic. i should have them in 2 weeks and they are going for $20. as with the caps, drop a line (or a check in the mail) with your size and return address and i will send you one.

6 Responses to “feel the heat”

  1. bikeiowa Says:

    Hey! What did you do for heat?

    Cold midwest garage dwellers want to know!

    And, am I on the team?

    I love team issue dontchano

  2. ira ryan Says:

    big kerosene floor heater and 5 gallons of kerosene to keep it topped off. the heater ran me around $160 but it is worth it to be able to use me hands all winter long. time to hitch up the extra cycle and make your way to menards.

  3. Stephen Gitchell Says:

    Maybe your going to get some XL tees made this time would like to have one so if you do hold one for me please.

  4. joel Says:

    man, that bike gets so much love at the races its not even funny. i think it has fans. seriously. people cheer for pink bikes. its a whole angle i didnt even anticipate.

    oh yeah, and it continues to rule as a ride. handles everything with aplomb. see you at krugers tomorrow! hoping this wind doesnt dry the mud out too much… more rain, please!

  5. Andrew Says:

    I sent you a message via flickr as I couldn’t find an email address on the blog / website.

    I’d like a tee if you’ll post to Australia, (and a hat if there are any left), can you drop me a line: ahblake at gmail dawt com.

  6. beth h Says:

    That bike is like Daffy Duck on acid — a bucket of wacky, high-octane happiness — and seeing it makes my race day.
    I suggest we start a fan club for Joel’s ‘cross bike. I’m in!

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