new flickr photos!

now that i have a chance to catch up and put the phone down from all the calls about orders for stainless lugged road bikes, i have finally added a bunch of new pictures of new bikes to the ira ryan cycles flickr page. soon there should be new photos up on the new website too. geez, all this newness. i can’t keep up with it all.

also, i have been working on some new leather mudflaps for all the wet weather riding that i know we all wish we could be doing more of. they fit a standard 35mm sks or narrow aluminum or stainless fenders. they are all hand cut and treated with good proofhide to make them weather resistant.

more ira ryan cycling caps are in the works and will be black with white swallows and and white ira ryan cycles on the side. once again, half of them are spoken for and the other will go fast.

tshirts and brass knuckles are to follow shortly. just kidding about the brass knuckles.


2 Responses to “new flickr photos!”

  1. bikeiowa Says:

    Brass chamois shorts. It’s time.

  2. dp Says:

    Naw, no knuckles. Ira Ryan Cycles strikes me more like the kind of company that would put our something really tough, but classy and classic.

    Like a bone saw.

    Think about it, dude.

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