things i like……

this idea always seems to be coming up every time i write. there are so many people out there in the world doing great things that i think never get enough props for doing what they do. this idea also fits with everything from what type of music i am listening to in the shop or what my favorite socks are this week. hard to keep up. maybe i should start tweeting! just kidding.

in the bubble that is the utopian cycling city of puddle town oregon, it is hard to swing a dead cat without hitting a coffee shop with good espresso or a cool bike locked up to any of the million bike racks around town. it seems like every time i ride across town to go to the paint shop, i see some cool bike being pedaled the other direction. i love old bikes that someone has ridden every day for the last 10 years. i am not ashamed to say that even an old bike with a rack or milk crate tied on lights my fire for why i ride bicycles. it is important to remember that we all collectivly add up to the greatness of the cycling movement. we are all fighting the same fight.

his being said, i have to give the bicycle transportation alliance a big shout out for being the ones that go to bat for all of the cyclists in this state. they never get the props they deserve. please become a member if you can to help sustain the hard work that they put into making the world better for cyclists in portland.

meanwhile back in iowa, the first snow has fallen and i know some folks are waxing up their skies for winter fitness but there are a couple people working hard to keep iowa city riding bikes all winter long. 30th century bikes is still chugging along with coffee in hand and working hard to make iowa city a bike riding town in the midwest. cody and g. steve pickle have been some of my best friends for a long time and it is nice to see people working so hard for all the same causes that portland and the bigger cycling cities are known for. some of the best cycling in the world can be had in the midwest and i encourage anyone in iowa city to drop by and say hi.

even thought there isn’t any snow on the ground yet in portland, the rain is here along with cross racing every weekend but i am already looking forward to putting in some rides this winter in the rain and cold. the task of making a long ride in the rain and cold is made easier by some good gear. i have worn a lot of winter kit over the years but have to say that rapha has come up with some great pieces that make the winter riding so much better. the heavy-weight winter jersey with the new rain jacket over the top and the old faithful 3/4 knickers are my tried and true favorite to keep me dry when i am out of the shop in the rain. quality isn’t cheap but it is worth it in the long run.

i am reworking the ira ryan cycles website which has been a ongoing process but it will be updated and look good. stay tuned. i wouldn’t be able to do it without the help of local photographer and designer, dan sharp. his work is amazing and he is a solid guy to boot. he has shot some amazing photos for rapha, embrocation magazine and also from living in italy for a while. check out his photo work here:

lastly, i have been listing to a lot of lately. my current faves while i file away on bike frames in the shop are: ralph stanley bluegrass in the mornings, magnolia electric company or greg brown for iowa pride, m.i.a. or wu-tang to pick it up a bit. charlie parker, missy elliot, nas, andrew bird and classic heart all make it on there too.



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