i have been working on my new Ira Ryan Cycles website and finally have it up! please check it out and feel free to send me a deposit for you own personal newness.

also, please go out and buy a copy of the december bicycling magazine to see the sexy reynolds 953 Ira Ryan road machine on the cover!



12 Responses to “newness!”

  1. Elisa M Says:

    new site looks great. drooled all over my mac. damnit.

  2. Tony Pereira Says:

    site looks awesome…made me spit on my PC, dammit.
    haha…nice job, bro

  3. Ben Says:

    Hard work paying off! Well done with the cover

  4. chris Says:

    The ‘road machine’ sure does look sexy… a smooth road brother for the ‘cross machine featured in Rapha’s (your) Nordaal adventures???

    the site looks great!

  5. Andrew C. Says:

    Congratulations! New website is super slick too.

  6. Rick Says:

    Very nice! I recognize one of those rando bikes. Congratulations and keep up the good work, you are doing a great job.

  7. Ari Says:

    The website looks awesome. I really like it. Cover of bicycling?? What greatness. You deserve it.


  8. ricke Says:

    the site is great ira!………… my bike is on it! sweeeet!

  9. Paula Says:

    The website is awesome Ira! I have to remember to come over here and catch up more often…lots of reading for me to do ~ Italy! Sending you love and laughter my friend. ***Smiles, too***

  10. Tyler Kober Says:

    Well jeez i took a look at the cover of Bicycling this month and the dude on the cover was riding and Ira! Sir you have come a long way from the studio space in Weir’s. So happy for you. I hope it is a dream come true. My wife, daughter, and I are now just outside Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Miss Portland a lot, but had to be closer to family. Still working at a shop. Maybe forever… Might try to go to the Handbuilt show in Virginia. Hope we cross paths again.


  11. Amanda (Busch) Hewes Says:

    Kick Ass! How cool is that. My mom told me the other day and I had to look you up. Your site is great. Wold love to make it out to your shop.

  12. Jetsin Says:

    I see, I supospe that would have to be the case.

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