build all week, race on sunday!

the work in the shop hit its first real strength stride last week with an amazing bike heading off to paint before it get’s boxed up and sent to eastern canada.

still a little behind but looking forward to a long, cold winter full of bike building productivity and a little riding to keep some fitness. i am a little behind with my builds but i have never felt so good about the bikes that are coming out of the shop. a years worth of amazing experiences all seem to be distilled into my file strokes and torch handling in the last 6 months. i am happy to be settled and able to make a dent in the list of bikes i have.

the new shop is fantastic even if i still need to run some 220 power out to be able to turn on my mill (which is now a 700 pound paperweight). i built the last frame like i did when i started with hand cut miters and i was surprised that it didn’t take as long as i thought it would. maybe i am getting more proficient with my files and hacksaw.

i love technology but i can’t help but feel that some things are just as good even if they were around when your grandpa was riding in wool knickers and a beanie. well, maybe some things are better. i have been thinking about this idea lately as cross racing is in full swing and every weekend matt hall and toe up to the line with all the other fast-as-shit a’s racers like ryan trebon, molly cameron and erik tonkin. looking around i am proud to be racing (and sponsoring matt hall who also rides) a fully lugged steel cross bike with traditional tubular wheels and my modified flite saddle from back in the day. yesterday while doing a little opening up ride with some friends, one guy’s carbon bars just snapped off when he was climbing! i mean come on. really? (feel free to make some jokes about trading in your carbon credits) it seems like we (industrially, socially, technologically) are teetering on the edge of a point of diminishing returns with technology.

this may be a good time to bring up a personal story about my own struggle with technology. i have had a computer issue for a couple weeks where i haven’t been able to upload images to flickr or my blog and it kills me to not be able to show the world the bikes i have built lately. the solution is in play but sometimes i just sip my tea and think about how great it would be to have all my connections with the world be through actual mail and telephone calls. but then i snap out of it and realize that i do love my 10 speed with integrated shifters and clipless pedals. the modern world works with this computer screen acting as the window to my storefront.

the open sign is out and i am open.

speaking of which, i received a handful of hats last week and they are for sale. this batch is dark, chocolate brown with an off white stripe on the cap and then just a couple swallows on the bill. made by caroline at little package dot com with care, love and still the finest cycling cap i have worn. like so much these days, they have gone up in price and i have to sell them for $40 but unless you live in nepal, i should be able to include shipping. i am working on another batch like the black ones i did last time with ira ryan cycles and swallows on the sides and bill. classic and i still love the monochromatic style.
interested? post me a check to:
7331 n. knowles
portland, or.
and be sure to include a return address so i can return the cap to its home.

to get a letter, write a letter.

6 Responses to “build all week, race on sunday!”

  1. chris tree Says:

    Exactly the reason why I won’t ride a carbon frame.

    So if say someone in the UK wanted one of those little package hats how would we go about getting payment to you? Paypal??? And shipping… even though this isn’t Nepal, why should you have to pay for it.

  2. chris tree Says:

    PS nice pic of you racing on

  3. ira ryan Says:

    sorry to say i don’t do paypal but if you sent me 28 pound sterling, i will send you a cap when i get the payment.

    7331 n. knowles
    portland, or.


  4. chris tree Says:

    Cheers Ira,

    I’ll stick £30 – it’s easier to send paper – in an envelope. I guess you change it up when it arrives.



  5. Luke Muir Says:

    Can I get involved in a £30 to the UK deal aswell please? I will chuck some cash in an envelope tomorrow. Hopefully our striking posties will get things moving soon!!!

    Cheers Luke.

  6. beth h Says:

    Ira — If money were no object, I’d hire a personal coach and get ridiculously fit so I could order up an Ira Ryan singlespeed ATB with a custom short top tube, to do both short-track and cross on.


    However, since money IS an object, let me instead offer to bake up another mess of cookies when you have your next open house. Just gimme a heads-up when you’re ready. I remain a large fan. See you at the races…

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