the dust is settling

here are some of the accounts of the cent cols challange with images and tales of brutality and beauty.

i am back at work and happy to have my mill moved in last week with the help of cx veteran matt hall, an always timely john dorfer and the world famous cycling writer, jeremy dunn from embrocation magazine. i was grateful to have such icons to help me heave 700 pounds of machine into my new shop. i still have to run some new electric lines to the shop to be able to plug the thing in but i am busy filing away on dan’s portuer, jeff’s rando and jame’s city bike this week. i am a little behind on my work load and had to choose at the last moment to pull out of the oregon manifest show due to not feeling like i would have represented my best work at the show. it was hard decision to not show but if i go into a show as good as the manifest, i want to do it to the best of my ability and really put my soul into the bike i build. case in point is tony p. who did put his soul into his bike and it showed. way to go tony! right down to the tailored suit to match his orange details on the bike. classy. looking forward to some cross, some pumpkin carving and a winter of productivity in the shop.

thank you for reading.


5 Responses to “the dust is settling”

  1. ricke Says:

    good to see you and rach(a)el the other day!…….me in a car and you two on the bikes…………….very weird for me but, things change, and i need the damn thing now. but as you know, things will be different for me soon! in a good way………….but for now, I WANT THE RAIN AND COLD!
    we’re going to take you up to meadows for some snowboardin! can’t wait man.

  2. graz Says:

    nice…………… ok, bike?

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