last drops of sunshine

as i sit here with my morning espresso in hand, the sun is shining and today is the beginning of cross for the fall. everyone is talking cross and how the sunshine will be gone this week. bittersweet end to one season and the beginning of another. i am happy to be back in the swing of things at the shop but still have to finish moving the last (and heaviest) of the machines and tools from the old shop to my new spot. my list of work and duties have grown in the last couple weeks that i have been outta the shop.

i have to say that i am grateful for the opportunity to ride in europe and see a tiny part of the world that most people in the states haven’t seen much less ridden through. that being said, i am happy to be back at work and have to say that my mission for building and creating bicycles is still bigger than a trend or a fad. i am here to stay and i am working with a steady hand to make the best bicycles that i can for all the people who want to ride, race, tour or explore on the most noble of inventions. sometimes it shakes me to think how slow the process is sometimes and i feel bad having a long build list but i need to be sure that everything i do is the best example of my work.

in the coming weeks, the oregon manifest show will be taking place and while i didn’t have time to build a specific bike for the show (which is a huge expense in money and time), steve g. will be riding his new ira ryan racey rando for ira ryan cycles in the builder’s challenge. i am very happy with how his bike turned out and also proud to have someone with as much life experience as steve to represent ira ryan cycles this weekend. i have heard about a couple other portland builder’s bikes and i am sure there will be some amazing bikes on display. i wished i could have had more time to build a show bike but i have always felt that the idea of a show bike doesn’t represent the types of bikes that leave my shop every week. i want to build bikes that are elegant, simple and well designed without complicated features or polished bits just to make it shiny. my ideal bike would be classic with fenders, a simple rack with lights and components that are easy to repair and adjust.

here is the link to the oregon manifest site for the list of events and schedule.

4 Responses to “last drops of sunshine”

  1. Bob_M Says:

    Awesome Rando bike. I am pleasantly surprised that you now embrace the color ORANGE! Without question the best of colors

  2. sTrawBerRy Says:

    you should take the cupcake!! at least she can be there in place of me!!

  3. chr15 Says:

    We are having an extended summer here in the UK… unbelievably it’s October and the weather is beautiful. I love cool crisp autumn days with a tinge of orange to the light.

    OK winter is just round the corner but hey my first cross race (I use the term loosely) is next weekend, that should keep me warm.

    I like your ethos behind your frame/bike building. There is something of beauty in utilitarianism. Showy shows nothing if it doesn’t do the job. But then again I’ll bet you build a pretty good show bike that does the job too! Horses for courses.

    Enjoy your espresso and stay true…


    PS. What is that lead time at the mo, as I have finally got the ‘nod’ from my wife for a new bike 🙂

  4. ira ryan Says:

    looking at 15 months right now. long time but well worth the wait.

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