mt. ventoux for breakfast!

so tomorrow is the last day of the cent cols challenge and it is a bit bittersweet but i am ready for the ride to be over. spending 3 weeks away for home and riding hard in the mountains for 8-9 hours a day gets tiring pretty quick. it makes me really appriceate the pros and living out of a suitcase for five months out of the year. it has been a different bed and bathroom every night but always the same routine. get everythign ready the night before, chamoix cream before you head to your breakfast of brioche and espresso then clip in by 7:30 with enough energy bars to feed and army all day.
i took a two days off to recover from my bike crash and have ridden a borrowed bike for the last couple stages. they have been long days and i wished the bike was fit a little better but…… stage 8 started the morning with a little ride up mt. ventoux. past the tom simpson memorial in the morning light where i stopped to pay my respects to lillig, blockhead and kristine who have all died while on their bikes. from there we continued north and away from ventoux where the climbing got steeper and hotter. the last climb of the 208km day was 1200 meters with a stiff headwind and a cold dark tunnel at the top. it was amazing to think that we started with ventoux for breakfast, 8 cols for “lunch” and then finished off with a gradual grind straight up a rock faced fortress.

friday i board the plane back to my home time zone along with my garden, workshop and my lovely rachel.

i can’t wait to get back.



6 Responses to “mt. ventoux for breakfast!”

  1. 30thcentury Says:

    Glad you are back in the saddle Ira, sounded like a stunning day on the bike. Looking forward to chatting with you about it all when you get settled back in Portland

  2. chr15 Says:

    Stunning day, I bet that isn’t the half of it. the scenery is stunning enough for non-bike riders, it’s is the very turf of heaven for bike riders.

    Glad you are back riding again, despite the poor fit.

    Ventoux for breakfast at the end of what sounds a very gruelling (to me impossible, I live it vicariously) and eventful expedition.

    What a fitting way to finish off. And like all good trips when they are over you just want to get home.

    Safe trip.

  3. David Arthur Says:

    Was a pleasure to meet and ride with you (though at times only briefly!) during Cent Cols Ira

    That final climb on stage eight stands out as a particular highlight of the whole event. A massive climb following a long day that started with Ventoux straight after breakfast, the sharing of work in the headwind between the three of us, reaching the top and riding through the tunnel – oh and those mad sprints right at the end were ace

    enjoy the cross racing 🙂


  4. Michael Cotty Says:

    Hey Ira, hope you had a safe trip back to serenity and your espresso (or did you say it was your vin rouge) arm heels up in time to hit the cross season at full tilt. It was cool to put a face to an epic Rapha Continental ride finally and share the road and pre/post ride conversation with you and the Rapha boys.

    Ride safe.


  5. ari Says:

    Glad you got more riding in. Thanks for sharing your incredible experiences with us.

  6. Rick Williams Says:

    Congrats for keeping going
    Nick Allen from Team Pill told me it was quite nasty!
    What has happened to the frame, is it hanging on your wall?!
    Rick Williams

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