deep in troll c’ntry

just spent the last week traveling and working in northwest norway where the troll is king and you could wrestle a reindeer for dinner. amazing landscape with fjords, ice, lots of rain and some amazing riding. it made me a little homesick for portland winters (also read: cyclo cross) but the kindness of the people and being able to ride and work with rapha on their 2010 cycling clothes was worth it all. we stayed at hotel juvet where knut took amazing care of us and i will forever seek brown cheese with my waffles. got to work on some serious cross prcatice for a whole day in between 65k road rides in the rain up and down the trollstigen 3 times.

just got to france yesterday and finally got everything put together for the first day of the cent cols to happen tomorrow. i have been going back and forth with feeling prepared and then wondering what i got myself into. i think it will all be good and i am one of two people riding steel bikes and the only one who is riding a lugged steel machine. i am happy to ride what i do and i feel it is the best machine for the job.  (the baggage dept took their toll on my bike and left a massive dent in the seat tube just above the front derailer but does that stop me from racing it or even riding it? no!) i put my bike together amid all the light weight carbon machines knowing that it will be solid and dependable everyday in the mountains and for years to come.

tomorrow is 194k with 4 major passes.



6 Responses to “deep in troll c’ntry”

  1. joel Says:

    hah! another person becomes a fan of the gjetost! (that brown cheese) its easy to come by in the us these days… i think new seasons usually has it.

  2. chris tree Says:

    Sounds like a great time in Norway.

    I’ve seen pictures the streets of painted weeatherboarded houses in the towns and villages around the fjords. I’d love to visit.

    Fatastic that you found that a host that looked after so well. Waffles and Cheese however, hmmm may be i’ll try it.

    Enjoy the cent cols, if that is the right word. Hope you post some on how you get on with your bike. Baggage handlers, eh?


  3. Rick Williams Says:

    Hope you enjoy the Cent Cols!

    I have told Nick Allen who will be riding for Team Pill to look out for what a great steel bike can look like!!

  4. bikeiowa Says:

    This is why they called you the twerp, Ira, so go get ’em!

  5. Mark Beattie Says:

    No S&S frame couplers and fully rigid undersized travel case?

  6. Juan Says:

    Good like with the cent cols challenge Ira. You will love it.

    I was just over in France doing some of the very climbs you will be doing over the next 10 days and my fillet-brazed Ira with an Edge carbon fork was a dream to ride. It had nothing to envy the carbon frames around me.

    If you happen to stay at the Laurent Fignon hotel in Bagneres de Bigorre (at the foot of the Tourmalet) please say hello from me to Alain Laguerre who runs the cycling program there. And if you have time, ask him to take you to dinner to a restaurant called “Loulou” on top of the col des Palomieres. It is perfect for great local food and an experience you will not soon forget.


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