so fresh and so clean, clean!

it has been too long since i have put some effort into this electronic world. i have been busy with house buying, shop moving and trying to get some dope-as-all-get-out machines out the door to make the people happy. please see my flickr site for more pictures of what i have been doing but here is what i have built lately.

commuter bikes 009steve g.’s rando bike that has been getting a ton of attention in the shop during it being built up with sram force, front dyno hub and gilles berthoud front bag atop the rando rack built to fit. this bike has all the style of a classic road machine with all the capability of a solid randoneering or light touring bicycle. to top it all off, steve has been a super rad guy. i only hope he still drops by the shop to talk politics, culture or anything that we are passionate about. beautiful bike for a solid person.

i have been working on a couple mixte’s too that have been a long time coming. both are set up with one by 8 speed drivetrains, fenders and front racks. i have to say the cream mixte is one of he finest bikes i hacommuter bikes 024ve built in the last year and i am sorry i don’t get to have it around the shop to look at for a while. i used an old stock 28.6/31.8 downtube lug with some nice cutouts to give it some old style. also built a chain guard to bolt onto the frame and modified a front wald basket to bolt to the medium sized front rack. function and simple class.

kim’s mixte has been around the shop for a couple months waiting for the last of the bits to get her on the road. lot’s of used parts but still a good looking bike that works better than a lot of fancy bikes. front rack, sks fenders and brooks saddle. she was stoked to pick it up and ride it home.

commuter bikes 043

oh yeah, we bought a house with a big garage that is the new home of ira ryan cycles too. moving sucks but when all your moving involves 100 pound boxes of tools and steel, it is really hard. the new place is above ground, open and right out the back door. home for lunch every day and i now have a real office with my email at the shop so no more “i’ll send you that email tonight when i get to the “office.”” i only hope i don’t fall into the youtube or facebook vortex.

rachel and i are stoked to have our little house and i will be throwing a shop-warming party in october when everything settles down. thanks for your patience.

also on the horizon are a couple big events for ira ryan cycles. i just finished a bike for bill strickland built out of reynolds 953 stainless tubing and pacenti slant six lugs using a edge carbon fork. this was a bear to build as it ate all my files for lunch but the end result is amazing. i am looking forward to what bill has to say about it.

in addition, i am getting ready to go to france to race with the rapha team in the inaugural cent col challenge. haven’t been riding much but looking forward to the event in sep. had a chance to get out with jeremy last week and it was a good little prep for the big ride.

commuter bikes 031 i am looking forward to cross in the coming months and again this year expect to see matt hall and myself out in the a’s field in the portland area. matt will be riding a freshly painted ira ryan cross bike with new fork, chris king goodies and most likely bunning hopping as many barriers as possible. short, intenseĀ  rides that begin and end with espresso under grey skies and rainy mornings. i can’t wait.

all this and somehow i wil find the time to build a bike for the oregon manifest show in october too.

until i get the new website sorted out, i want to let everyone know that my new shop address is 7331 N. Knowles, Portland, OR. 97217. my phone and email will remain the same and i will continue to not really involve myself in face book, twitter, etc.

the other big change that everyone should know is my build time is now at 13 months but you can still get in line for a measly $500.

thanks for reading.

3 Responses to “so fresh and so clean, clean!”

  1. 30thcentury Says:

    Nice to have you back online Ira, good stuff happening out there!

  2. leaf slayer Says:

    Lots of really nice new builds. Congrats on the house/shop. I’m really really looking forward to hearing about your experience riding the Cent Col Challenge. That seems beyond epic.

  3. beth h Says:

    Note To Self:
    1. Win lottery. 2. Get sized for an Ira frame.

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