summer is faster than i will ever be.

paris-roubaixa good friend of mine used to say “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” and this summer is a case in point to everything that i wanted to do last winter and spring. i am not discrediting the things that i have been able to do like mountain biking more than i ever have before in oregon or racing every week in the races that are put on in town or being able to build a bike a week for all of my lovely and patient customers.  add in there buying a house and the complexities of business juggling and i feel so much like an adult, it is scary. i miss the days where i would just spend my days sipping coffee and messengering or riding all day in the rain.

in the last week a couple friends have related to me stories about friends that have died or nearly died recently and it really hits home how brief life can be. life is rushing by and it seems everyone can relate to how little they are able to get done.

with this, i am happy to head to work while enjoying the short bike ride to the shop in the sunshine along the bluffs. seeing all the other peoplePicture 194 out and about their days makes me content for sure. to know that the bike i have in the stand at the shop will soon be ridden somewhere in the world makes it all worth it.

i seem to be developing a knack for building mixtes which i like for there classy style and there versatility for urban bikes with racks, fenders and lights. the bikes that i have been working on all seem to have a common theme of commuting with a capacity to do some light tours or even a cross race or two in the fall. these bikes strike a cord with me and speak to the everyday use of a bicycle. i finished up paul’s cross machine last week and dropped it at paint and picked up steve’s rando bike which will be built up with sram force and chris king goodies along with a shmidt front hub to make a modern, racey but classy rando bike. very exciting.

i am trying to hustle and finish up a couple bikes before next week when i am scheduled to head to salt lake city to start the last of the rapha continental tours for this year. we have 4 rides slated in one week with non of them being  less than 100 miles. i haven’t been riding so it might hurt a little but i am grateful to be riding with this group of talented cyclist. i am also privileged to be a partner of the rapha continetal project for the last couple years and happy to say that i have more bikes under the rapha riders than any other builder.

irc kit pics 001lastly, matt hall, john dorfer and megan all finished the creampuff 100 mile mountain bike race last weekend. the postrace scene looked a lot like some bike race zombie movie with countless 1000 mile stares on everyone’s faces. on the last lap down the wet and treacherous alpine trail, matt hall passed seven riders while listening to wu-tang on his i pod.



2 Responses to “summer is faster than i will ever be.”

  1. matt hall Says:

    O.D.B. lives forever……

  2. The Son Of Heaven Says:

    The Son Of Heaven…

    …a good post over at . . ….

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