matt hall races creampuff 100!

matt hall 06so rachel and i are headed down to oakridge with a crew of friends to support matt hall in the creampuff 100 mile mountain bike race this sunday. the best mountain biking in oregon and a gruelling race will keep us all busy racing and supporting this weekend.

go matt hall!


4 Responses to “matt hall races creampuff 100!”

  1. matt hall Says:

    I thought we all were going to support John Dorfer?

  2. matt hall Says:

    And I think “racing” is an extreme overstatement.

  3. ricke Says:

    way to go matt! i’ve ridden it when it rained the whole time but, i couldn’t imagine racing it in rain. kudos to you and john!

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    […] applause for your plausable solution, here’s a big tip of the Splendid cycling cap to Mr. Matt Hall of Ira Ryan Cycles’ team. Thanks Matt for showing how it can be done and congratulations for […]

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