new “ira ryan” jerseys for sale!

ira ryan jersey detail as you may know, i have ridden as a member of the rapha continental for a couple years now and am happy to say that i was part of the original un-team to do some amazing epic rides in the pacific northwest. the other day i was talking to aaron erbeck as we were reminiscing about the “glory days” when no one knew about rapha and we were just five friends out for a double century with some gravel roads and maybe a mountain pass or two.

since then the continental has grown and changed a lot. now it is a little smoother and gets a lot more attention. the racing focus is a little stronger now but the core values of exploring and being smooth are still alive and well. in the coming month, i will be doing a couple rides in the northern rockies that i am looking forward to. they will be hot, long, hard and with a mountain or two. rapha has been a good partner to ira ryan cycles and afforded me to do some amazing rides with some amazing people (and also to be able to claim the most bikes under rapha continental riders than any other builder).

so i just received a small batch of rapha swift jerseys and am happy to put them out to the world for sale. they aren’t blatant ira ryan cycles jerseys as ira ryan is keenly written on the story in the jersey pocket. needless to say, i like the subtlety of this nod over a big nascar style graphic which isn’t rapha’s style anyway.

i have smalls, mediums and a couple larges left and they are selling like hot cakes at $150 each. medium weight wool blend with a three veryira ryan jersey backside usable rear pockets that actually fit a water bottle! the all black jersey is flocked (pun sort of intended) with swallows also in black. these are a limited run from rapha and i think they have sold out of their stocksey .

in keeping with my simple technology lifestyle, i do not have any pay pal type account so if you are interested, please send me an email or give a ring to see what i have left in your size. i can accept checks or money orders and will happily ship you your jersey where ever you are.

ok, back to building bikes…………………….


3 Responses to “new “ira ryan” jerseys for sale!”

  1. bikeiowa Says:

    I’m pretty sure I am on the current rapha un-team, and I plan to stay there.

  2. Michael Scott Says:

    “they will be hot, long, hard and with a mountain or two.”…

    that’s what she said!

  3. seo Says:


    […]new “ira ryan” jerseys for sale! « Ira Ryan Cycles[…]…

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