busy season……….

somehow the summer has gotten away from me before it has even really started. at the same time that i am passionately recharged from our trip to italy a month ago and stoked to be building some really beautiful bikes, i feel like i am running around with my head swimming with all the things i haven’t been able to do. an old friend of mine once said “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” and i can’t tell you how often this rings through my head. in the end, i am able to focus and get the business side of things taken care of and keep my head above water with bills and getting everyone their bikes without being too late. i am happy to have michael’s rohloff rando bike back from paint and it looks beautiful in orange and white. i dropped off another rando bike to be sprayed orange that belongs to steve and will be built up with sram force and be a nice mix of retro and modern styles. next up is juan’s light road bike with an edge fork and paul’s cross all rounder. the list goes on and on and i am happy to be so busy.

the riding and the racing hasn’t been as frequent this season and it is hard not to feel a little slow and outta shape. i miss the days of less responsibility but i am happy to be living the dream of sorts and able to direct my own rat race. the weekdays in portland are full of racing and i have done a couple p.i.r. training races and looking forward to some short track mountain bike racing on monday nights and wednsday night mt. tabor racing. to be able to ride to the race is a luxury that many folks in the country don’t have.

in bigger news that isn’t really bike related, rach and i are buying a house and with any luck, we will be moved in in mid july. the place is small and quiet but it has a big garage which will be the permanent home of the ira ryan cycles shop. from the back door of the house, you can see the st john’s bridge. i think it will be a good move.


9 Responses to “busy season……….”

  1. beth h Says:

    Mazel Tov on the House. Do you plan a Bike Move? Will you need help?
    Send up a flare if you do, and don’t forget to enjoy the summer at least a little…

  2. Paul Says:

    Congrats on the house..and even better, a pernament spot for the shop. Sounds like your commuting miles will drop. I look forward to seeing it someday.

  3. antbikemike Says:

    Congratulations on the house! That is the way to go, if you can swing it. I am at home right now building wheels, posting on my blog and it is a beautiful day…and I don’t want to head into the shop. It would be nice if I had a place out back.

  4. dpow Says:

    Dear Sir,

    Very good news on the house indeed.

    Your Pal

  5. joel Says:

    whoa shit! freaking awesome about the house. way stoked for you two, cant wait to see the place! st johns out the back door oh yeah.

  6. Stephen Gitchell Says:

    glad to hear you got a house with a garage for the shop. you probably have all kinds of people lined up to help you move but i am available to help.

  7. Diana Rempe Says:

    So glad to hear the house worked out! Let us know if you need a cargo bike for the move–Pat’s residency-free in a week and we would love to help.

  8. Paul Says:

    Cross all rounder…brings a tear to my eye…

  9. Greetings from New Orleans! | PacificPedaling.com Says:

    […] night dinner here in the heart of New Orleans, I hopped on Ira’s site to see what was up. Lo and behold, there’s the phrase I’ve been waiting to read: “Paul’s cross all […]

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