back in the saddle or…………….italy, part two

i am back to the grind if you will of my morning routine of two espresso, oats, some riding and dirty hands from filing and sanding metal in the shop. i am happy to return to this life in p town for sure. the head spinning travel is good and fun but can only last so long before my hands and mind grow restless and need to make something. portland is a fantastic place to come back to this time of year and i am happy to call it home. the mornings are cool and the sun is out all day. temperate paradise.

thinking about lug shapes. i was surprised how many people thought i would stay in italy or read by my last post ( that was way too long ago, sorry.) that i was still in italy with rachel drinking beer and riding bikes. we got back a couple weeks ago and i picked up some sort of cold on the plane so by the time it had incubated in my head for 2o hours of airports, i couldn’t;t go to work for anohter 2 days when i got home. i finally made it to the shop to find the files all in order and a number or letters and bills. took a couple days to get back to full speed but i completed michael’s rohloff touring bike and got it to the paint shop the same week. stoked. i started steve’s modern rando bike the same day and am inspired to add some new touches to it. it is shaping up nicely.

when we were in northern italy, we made a day trip to visit dario pegoretti and see his shop. much like thedario's shop whole trip to italy, i had no idea what to expect so at the end of our visit involving 2 bottles of good wine, some espresso and a demonstration of dario brazing a bb shell, my head was filling up with “inspiration” for what i want to be when i grow up. at the time it was just amazing to be in the shop and smell all the time that has yielded so many bicycles. seeing how someone has done it for so long gives me faith and also makes my filing strokes a little more steady every day.

blazin!i feel that this steady hand feeling is coming through in my building lately and it makes me feel that rachel and i’s trip to italy was worth every euro.

i have seen more of the giro here in the states than i did in italy and i am cool with that too. i feel a little guilty saying that the giro was not the high light of the trip but it is true that the giro was cool but it was more of the ugly commercial side of pro cycling. the crowds of drunk italians and old men on carbon bikes was too much. a lot of driving on some of the most amazing roads is hard to take as a cyclist who wants to actually ride the route.

i found out after we left the giro, that jason was racing and i kicked myself for not knowing sooner and trying to track him down but…….

i did find this quick interview with him after stage 12.

7 Responses to “back in the saddle or…………….italy, part two”

  1. brent marshall Says:

    Respectfully, I’m not digging your new logo. I know it is just a personal opinion…but something about it just doesn’t do justice to your work. I liked your old logo MUCH better.


  2. iraryanbicycles Says:

    my new logo? if your referring to my cycling kit, it is the embrocation team kit and not a new ira ryan cycles kit. i still prefer the simple monochromatic color scheme.

  3. Jason Says:

    your trip sounds amazing! Your blog entries coincide with a bunch of magazine features on the L’oirca (sp?) strada bianca race and it’s giving me a travel jones. I like how you mention the ugly side of the Giro, especially the desire to actually ride the routes, rather than share them with drunken hordes. Seeing the crushed white roads of Tuscany in the L’oirca makes me want to do the cyclo sportif version rather than sit on the hillside for hours to watch a few fleeting moments of pro jerseys whiz by. Anyway, totally pumped on the blog and glad that you’re back up to speed cranking out bikes!

  4. SouthWind98 Says:

    No, I think I have the sequence of events better than you. ,

  5. Miss77 Says:

    The new website is very good. ,

  6. Damien Melton Says:

    The southern region of Campania includes the city of Naples and there are many tourist destinations, including the Greek Temples at Paestrum, Sibyl’s Cave at Cumae, the Roman ruins at Pompeii and the volcanoes at Vesuvius. Holidays in Italy, whether in town or country, offer variety, sunshine and a warm welcome from the friendly local population.

  7. Meadow Says:

    Big help, big help. And sutrleapive news of course.

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