ready to go…..maybe.

moody seatlug

i have never been off the continent and rach  and i leave for italy on monday morning. we found tickets that were too cheap to pass up and decided that life is too short not to see italy for ourselves. i remember opening up my passport last year and feeling like i had won (or paid for in this case) some sort of golden ticket that would allow me to go anywhere in the world. i had never really had a travel bug but in talking to people who have been to some amazing places, i can see now that it is an infectious habit. our plans are simple, take bikes, visit brian hannon who lives in ascoli-peceno where he runs a little bike shop, drink lots of good espresso, ride bikes, watch some giro stages with daniel sharp, drink wine in the afternoon, try to soak up as much bike culture as possible, visit dario pegoretti, try to find some of these shoes and relax. the time leading up to this teip has been really busy and i feel like i am making the best bikes i have ever made in a way that is efficient and beautiful at the same time. in short, after a handful of  years  being a frame builder, i feel like i am hitting some stride and it is hard to pull away from the bench to do something like take 2 weeks to go to italy.

the summer is just around the corner and the weather is breaking into sun and shorter bits of rain but i am not riding as much as i have in the past years. the balance of riding and working is tough sometimes. i have been mountain biking with tony and rachel a bit over the winter but i haven’t been logging the long tran iowa style miles that are soo good later in the summer. we’ll see how this works out.

i dropped off a couple bikes at coat this week and they will be done and ready to build up when i get home. brooke’s bikes is a 650b urban bike with sliding dropouts and a front rack. lugged and baby blue with chocolate brown accents. i am kind of hooked on the baby blue and am happy when other people choose it for the color of their bikes. the second bike is a large touring bike for pat. classic lugged number with all the rack , fender and waterbottle mounts. dark blue with light blue accents. exciting. my favorite bikes still have the simple and elegant lines and aren’t too fancy or have complex features that might over complicate the use of the bike. keep it simple and clean. i also picked up rawl’s road/rando at the paint shop and am planning on having some pics this weekend before we leave, maybe.


7 Responses to “ready to go…..maybe.”

  1. kevin Says:

    As artists and crafts-people, it is not uncommon to find solidarity and hit a stride before we embark on new and exciting adventures. The universe tends to align itself when we are headed in the direction we were destined to follow. You may find that your trip to Italy may seem like an interuption to a positive flow of energy right now but, the inspiration that will come out of this journey may just far exceed what you thought was ever possible.
    Have a great trip and allow your Ira-ness lead you.

  2. Lucy Says:

    Have a wonderful trip. Time away from the creative process inspires and fuels future projects in ways unimaginable beforehand…one of the shiniest parts of the golden ticket. Can’t wait to hear about your adventures.

  3. graz Says:

    yo dude
    tiny tips

    so when cars pass a bike in IT they give you a double honk.
    freaked me out the first few times, also when passing bike in car turn on your blinker for the car behind (pass left, right blinker)

    never show fear in the round abouts. think Cippo and go for it.
    the car on the inside always has the right of way, as does cars exiting

    buy car insurance!!!!!! you will get at least one minor scratch, or lose a door.

  4. joel Says:

    what graz said. AND remember that, stereotypical as it may sound, something predisposes italians to drive anything with a motor as if it were a formula 1 race car. fortunately, theyre mostly competent, but be prepared for them to pass you with the tightest of clearances possible, at high speed. theyre much easier to trust doing this than americans are, though.

    have fun! im insanely jealous, cause while its the most epic giro route ever, theres some pretty fine looking stuff laid out. fing blockhaus! shit! they just quoted davis phinney on cyclingnews saying that if the weather turns, things could go all gavia 88…

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  6. Martin Graz Says:

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  7. wine rack plans Says:

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