5 Responses to “promotion.”

  1. Tommer Says:

    Hot! nice work. looks like it has an old style chest pocket?

  2. d.p. Says:

    Yeah, your picture was in my e-mail Friday morning

  3. tc Says:

    Yes, you were in my email too.

    Each summer we have swallows that nest in the eves of our outbuildings. They make these purpose built mud nests that last only as long as the season, then they fall and shatter. My neighbors hose them down, but I leave them alone. I enjoy watching them dart around catching insects in the evening sky. It means summer has officially arrived. They are the most metallic green color you will ever see.

  4. joel Says:

    hah! flocked swifts! hah! usually i consider flocking to be a doubleplusungood sign of a 70s era yucky acrylic jersey, but here i think ill merely appreciate the (intended? unintended?) pun.

  5. Paul Says:


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