blog on blog

i wonder sometimes if all my friends and “colleagues” that sit down to write in front of their glowing screens are as doped up on espresso as i am.

to be honest i am a little jealous that some good friends and fellow riders seem to turn out some of the most well written and smartest writing pieces i have read with the purpose of telling the world (or a tiny sliver of the world) about their own perspective and experience during crazy adventures or even just the routine of the daily grind. i love reading about friends traveling to the greatest cycling lands in northern france and then also being able to check in with cycling friends who live across town that i never ride with any more. molly’s post about an open letter to the racing community regarding local bicycle shops is one of the most eloquent and directed letters i have read in a while. thanks molly. on one hand it it hard to think that in some ways we are all drones hooked up to our i phones all the time unable to pull ourselves away from a missed youtube video but it is the fact that this is how we communicate nowadays.

i don’t have a computer at the shop but this is the shop and sometimes it is frustrating but in the end i want to be present and aware of my craft and not feel like i am distracted by the facebook or flickr vortex that i seem to fall into sometimes. cycling and building keeps me focused on what is important.

this post is inspired by all the folks doing great things in the world. jeremy’s coverage of another trip to belgium with bill strickland and g. pickle and cody’s bike shop adventures in iowa city. talk about fighting the good fight.

to radio freddy and  belgian knee warmers and all the folks writing about the age old races covering northern europe this time of year (or anything related to classic cycling), thank you for being so thorough.

off to work…………………………


One Response to “blog on blog”

  1. matt hall Says:

    molly lives right down the street, and I still read her blog………strange.

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