photo is from kevin wagoner's flickr.

i have a lot of small things to tell the world on this sunny portland day. today was the 3rd ronde van oeste portlandia (tour de flander’s, portland style) under mild conditions and sunny skies. it was tough. evil ryan and mark and i all met for a quick pre ride coffee and headed over to find the last of the group just rolling out highway 30 towards saltzman.

the mass of riders was ah-mazing. i didn’t count real careful but it looked like about 500 riders all filing onto the muddy climb of dirt. the group broke apart quickly and everyone was able to make their single serving friend for the day. with 47 miles in “town” and 5400 ft of climbing some of p-towns burliest climbs, it took it’s toll on many a rider without a 30t. cassette.

something i am completely excited about is rachel’s next big adventure. she and a good friend who is also another shredding mountain biker are staring to do riding clinics for women interested in learning to mountain bike or hone their technical skills. i have always thought the world needs more ways for women to be exposed to mountain biking and a way to teach technical skills in a climate that isn’t intimidating. their company is called trail-zen. the classes are small and flexible so please give a shout if you are interested.

bikes to rwanda is working on a couple events in the upcoming months to raise a little money for a solid 2009. we are working with buy-olympia to sell out btr shirts and soon we are expecting to have some killer cycling caps too.

i have been talking to g. pickle and cody in iowa city who are plugging away with their new bike shop. it is a ton of work to get every thing up and running but they are making some good headway and i am excited to see a rad commuter oriented bike shop in my hometown. if i were there right now, i would squeeze their cheeks and tell em how proud i am.

last but not least. though a series of internet hunts and a deeper sense of wonder, rachel and i have found a pair of cheap ticket to italy for a week and a half in may. i have never been over seas and i am excited and nervous about this trip. a good friend and former trans-iowa racer opened a bike shop in the tiny town of ascoli-piceno called bike lab. he has offered for me to visit for the last couple years and i a stoked to be going.

i am keeping my head down and jamming out as much work as i can before i leave and it has been super productive in the shop over the last month or so but i am still super nervous about leaving work before filling all the orders that are due in may. the trip will be super budget but we are trying to figure out how to see a couple giro stages. on a business note, i am hoping to visit dario pegoretti’s shop and soak up as much bike culture as possible while in italy.

until then, i am looking to finish rawl’s, brooke’s and pat’s bikes.



One Response to “ouch-fest!”

  1. MtMann Says:

    The turnout for de Ronde was incredible, especially considering the “unorganized” nature of the ride. I almost felt guilty enjoying the company and climbs; it felt like wet & cold would have been more appropriate, but then we’ve had our fill this year.

    That’s great about the hook-up with buyolympia – a great little company and a really cool looking t-shirt.

    Have a great time in Italy – I’m envious x10.

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