spring training, dutch style.

picture-137 dutch canyon or otto miller? whatever you wanna call it, it hurts when you are following jame’s wheel all the way up the hill. the sun came out a little and the debris on the shoulder of hwy 30 headed all the way out to scapoose wasn’t the full pave effect but it defiantly kept everyone on their toes. we had two flats before we even hit the gravel but we soon were all patched up and rolling again. the group was pretty big by friday ride standards. we had 9 folks rolling including framebuilders, an ex-pro, a really fast mountain biker, a teacher on spring break and a couple local celebs. official reports from the gravel section of the ride are very good with smooth sections and minimal potholes all the way up. i can say i was more than a little cooked after the ride and went to bed early that night. i had intended to get up early and do the birkenfeld brevet this morning but the idea of 200k in the cold rain after a slugfest like the rapha ride, was less than appealing. call me soft, i don’t care. i choose to roll into the shop and get some work done this morning instead.picture-141

work has been steady and i am slowly wittling away at the long list of folks who have charged me with building them a bike. to all those patient folks, thank you for allowing me to take the time to build your bike and help you enjoy cycling for a lifetime.


6 Responses to “spring training, dutch style.”

  1. Caroline Says:


  2. 30thcentury Says:

    Second soft.

  3. leaf slayer Says:

    The Birkie was rough. It rained the entire time. And there was a headwind most of the way back. But now that it’s over rando amnesia has set in and I’m looking forward to the 3 Capes 300k.

    That Dutch Canyon ride is great. I finally did it last fall and loved it. Found out about it through Joel’s website.

  4. beth h Says:

    Considering how much you ride most weeks, NOT soft. Just listening to your body. You’ll ride again tomorrow. You’re still a Monstah.

  5. 30thcentury Says:

    but a soft monstah

  6. Caroline Says:

    LOL. soft monstah!

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