the werk-lode

iraryanhat time has been good lately and i have been charged to get work done at a good pace the last week or so. i got back from iowa city via 14 hours of travel time including a overnight camping trip in the san jose airport. the cheap ticket didn’t seem so cheap that night. i have never been so happy to return to rain and grey skies. after not riding for a week, it took a couple rides to get back in the swing of things on the bike. rode with matt hall today and both of us discussed the coming year, the riding plans, peanut butter and a little philosophy. i ended up with a 3 and a half hour ride in the saddle by the time i rode into the shop and got busy with work at 11am. i don’t have any plans to take on a pro riding schedule but it feels good to be in the zone when you ride for 3 plus hours.

the first 200k rando ride is next week and i am looking forward to it. in truth there are a lot of things i am excited about this year. i have a couple bikes coming up that i am proud to have my name on. brooke’s 650b bike, steve’s light rando bike and a couple slant six, lugged road bikes in the mix. dan’s classy portuer bike is also in the cue and i am stoked to put some extra time and love into it.

i am a little sad to have missed the NAMBLA show in indy, but i have never felt better approaching the coming months with some good ideas and the chance to create some beautiful bikes for some really good folks.

while i was in iowa i got to spend some time with g. steve pickle and cody as they finished up their paperwork to open their bike shop in a great little space off of prentis street. i have no doubts that they will succeed and offer iowa city a real bike shop. their shop is called 30th century bikes and you can read all about it here.

peace out.


3 Responses to “the werk-lode”

  1. bikeiowa Says:

    Apes do not read philosophy. -Otto

    Yes they do Otto, they just don’t understand it! -Wanda Gershwitz

    Sorry I missed that ride. Thanks for the kind words Ira, and thanks for shipping the frame, I am quite excited to ride it!

  2. beth h Says:


    Do you mean perhaps NAHBS?

    Just checking.

    Happy Monday –B

  3. runkeysrun Says:

    Are you going to ride ragbrai?

    If so, I want to see some of these bikes.

    Ride on,

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