time is a creepin’

something about life in the midwest moves a little slower than what i am used to. that is ok once you acclimate to it and realize that with all the chores and general things to do on a farm, the day has all but slipped away and it is time for some wine and post-dinner conversation. to be honest, i am eager to get back to my own life/business/riding schedule in portland. i have been running a couple miles everyday and doing some yoga to stay in some sort of shape.

yesterday i “helped” steve file some last minute documents with the bank and also the insurance agent to open their new business in iowa city. it was more like shadowing him all day but we got a chance to catch up and have some coffee. we talked a lot about business stuffs and also of our tenure as cyclists over the last decade. i found a pile of old winning and bike magazines from the mid 1990’s that i have had a blast going through. i have to say, i am not the biggest lance fan but it is cool to flip through the pages and see a boyish lance alongside sean yates and gianni bugno. a pictorial time capsule. it makes me want to find some briko stingers and carrera jean shorts to go with my “new” dura ace 8 speed group.  we have come so far and yet some things seem to never change.


i head back to portland on saturday and will be back at work on monday. i am looking forward to a little ride monday in the rain before spending the day at the shop working on chas’ touring bike and pat’s touring bike. in the next week or so i should be starting brooke’s 650b all rounder and dan’s portuer bike. also should be picking up joe’s trans-iowa machine at the paint shop.

a few people have made assumptions that i have built myself a new bike to race the trans-iowa again but i have to say this is not true. i will not be racing the trans-iowa ever again. as a good friend often says, “i have bigger fish to fry.” joe will be representing the ira ryan name on his bike at this years event and i wish him all luck in the world in the race. i know the technology is proven.

5 Responses to “time is a creepin’”

  1. ari Says:

    Ey Yo! Where is my Gel? I love Cipo and I still miss seeing him at the races. Ari

  2. Joe Says:

    i can’t wait to see what the new bike looks like! it’s going to be perfect i know.

  3. Paul Says:

    What kind of business is Steve and Cody opening up?

  4. 30thcentury Says:

    Come on over and see for yourself!

  5. 30thcentury Says:

    Okay, that did not work, I though it would auto-link as we are using a wordpress format for now.


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