show update?

cross-bikes-173it has been busy and i am not even headed to indy for that silly show thingy. the shop has been super productive and i picked up brian’s bike along with dean’s porteur fixie from coat today. i have to say that i am always happy to drop off some good looking bikes at the paint shop and even happier to pick up finished bikes that are super glossy and beautiful. looking to finish cliff’s bike this week and send it to paint before i leave for a long weekend trip to the heartland.

i also received a medium order of black cycling caps from caroline at little package and have picture-0191some for sale. they are high quality black twill cotton with a white stripe and white swallows on the side and the bill.  if you would like one, send me a check for $35 and a return address and i will drop one in the mail for you. my shop sddress is

8247 n. lombard, portland, oregon. 97203.

on a couple other notes, bikes to rwanda hosted a screening of a documentary called as we forgive about rwanda since the genocide of 1994. not really a light hearted romantic comedy but truly amazing to see a culture rebuild itself after such a horrific event. it was attended by a good group of people and he had a chance to talk to many folks about building bike shops in rwanda to help them grow better coffee and also to just make their lives better. now that bikes to rwanda has been in action for a couple years, it feels like we have some serious momentum and we are looking forward to some big things in 2009. thanks to all the people who have contributed and continue to be involved.

on a more shameless almost-related-to-self-promotion  note, i had a chance to see the new rapha line for the spring and one of the jerseys has swallows on it! i am talking to rapha about selling some to customers but in the meantime, you can order it through rapha.

take care.

11 Responses to “show update?”

  1. Ben Says:

    Do you have any pix of the birettas?

  2. Paul Says:

    I went to the silly show. I was impressed.

  3. Jeff Cozad Says:

    Drove over to Indy with Rick Paulos yesterday. Lots of interesting stuff. I really liked this cargo bike that BlackSheepBikes – had, the S-Cargo. Except this one was in Ti. I’ll have pictures up at some point. Chatted with Sacha, the folks from Ahearne and the folks from Courage. Lots of way cool stuff. I’m still beat from the 11 hours in the car. I’ll send you a link to the pics when I get them up. I expect lots of them from Rick too.

  4. dp Says:

    dibs on a black hat. wore my orange and teal one with pride today at the Downeast open house in blustery Fryeburg, Maine, and it started more than one conversation. people on the right coast are familiar with your work…a guy from Boston asked me about your bike cupcake, no lie!!!

  5. bikeiowa Says:

    Cozad, I can’t believe you guys didn’t call me!

  6. beth h Says:

    There seems to be a breed identification issue. Rapha is calling them swifts.
    But the jersey would still go nicely with one of your caps.

  7. joel Says:

    im gonna say definitely swallows, regardless of what rapha says. swifts would have a barely discernable tail, and longer, thinner wings. but then, im the guy who came this close to being an ornithology major in college 🙂

  8. Ben Says:

    I want a hat! Can I stop by the shop w/ cash sometime??

  9. Caylin Says:

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  10. Val Says:

    Hi Ira. I love your site, and enjoyed hanging with you and Rach last week. See you guys soon I hope!

  11. bmx master Says:

    Thanks that was a good article!

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