bikes to rwanda open house!

picture-122bikes to rwanda will be hosting a open house event and a benefit movie screening at the hollywood theatre this wednsday at 7pm in portland. as we forgive is about the path that rwanda has taken since the mid 1990’s to restore and rebuild their country. we are excited to have an opportunity to show a movie this good about something that we, and i personally, feel so strongly about. please check out the website and view the trailer. the event is free but btr is suggesting donations to help us build  more bike shops on the ground  in this booming coffee producing nation. btr will be presenting the film and taking any questions that you might have about our organization or what we have planned for 2009. please come and enjoy an evening of movies with us this wednsday at 7pm.



2 Responses to “bikes to rwanda open house!”

  1. beth h Says:

    Thanks for the heads-up. I would totally love to go!

  2. dpow Says:

    The film was very moving, we are very glad we went. completely worth the cold wet ride home.

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