oat-tchmil and coffee

having my first open shop event this past saturday was a blast. i was nervous before anyone showed up that it would be a dud or even worse, i would be so nervous that i would drink four beers in the first half hour and then spend the rest of the week hearing about all the silly things i had said that night. thankfully, this didn’t happen and a great time was had by all.

starting at 3pm with a visit from cd from chris king fresh from standing up for all that is good for cycling in p town. thank you chris! after a little group of folks stopped by in the middle of their bike ride and i had a beer, it was clear that it would be a good time. i didn’t count every head but i think 30-40 people crammed into my 424 square foot shop foshop-pics-416r snacks and bike talk. by 5:30, everyone was chatting and the roar in the shop was felt thought the floor upstairs and the bike pile outside grew to fill up all the bike parking spots. looking around, i seemed to be surrounded by midwesterners and fellow bike people. i felt right at home.  more beers were fetched across the street (thanks darrell and seth!) and a few folks ended up staying to about 9:30 before we all rolled over to the by and by and had another round.

this sort of event makes me want to do it again, or something similar to it. i would like to do a ride/derby/commute to the shop or maybe a weekly drop by to have a beer. needless to say, this will not be my last. hahahahahaha!

the next morning was back to my routine with oatmeal and espresso before rolling out  with jeremy dunn from embrocation magazine for a training ride with the g.l.’s and doing the bull run loop in 3 and a half hours. ouch.


5 Responses to “oat-tchmil and coffee”

  1. Stephen Gitchell Says:

    I wished I could have stayed longer but I’ll make up for it next time around.

  2. kevin Says:

    Hey, I just moved here to Portland and looking for a good resource on where to find some areas to train and ride. Do you have any tips? It seems I have remained within the Portland/Skyline/sauvie island area for the last month and really need to branch out and find some good training routes. Thanks and I really hope to make it to your next open house or I swing by and say hello and introduce myself.
    All the best,

  3. iraryanbicycles Says:

    k- try heading east past troutdale and into the gorge. also some good roads in southeast that will take you out towards the mountains. skyline is good and short but if you have all day, you can ride to the coast or up to the hills. an oregon gazetteer and a washington county cycling map are a good guides too.

  4. Wes Hodgson Says:

    Awww… I miss having a friend’s shop to meet at for socializing/rides/etc. There used to be a great shop here in downtown Toronto run by a friend, but he got tired of running the business and sold it. I get sad every time I ride past its former location.

  5. beth h Says:

    Ira — thanks SO much for throwing your little party. I had a delightful time and would be happy to bake more cookies anytime (and stick around for a friendly post-soiree ride next time). Happy pedaling! xoxo, beth

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