holy portland radness!

3213569347_d9f3a8056f_b so while the rapha conti dudes were taking northern california by storm and i was busy making hand built beauty’s in the shop, rebecca at queen bee has been designing some amazing bike panniers to make life a little easier for cyclists all over. thanks!

also, just a reminder that i will be having my open shop night next week on saturday, feb. 7th from 3-7pm. i don’t know what to expect other than to have some drinks on hand and probably talk about hand built bicycles and bikes to rwanda.



37 Responses to “holy portland radness!”

  1. cole Says:

    Ira, you were thoroughly missed during the “Tour” I hope the Open Shop night goes well! and tell the boys I say hello. Looking forward to riding with you soon.

  2. beth h Says:

    Open shop was lovely. Thanks for inviting us all. I had a great time seeing you in your element:



  3. graz Says:

    shit forgot
    hope it went well.

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