missing the TOC, doin’ 800 watts and open shop night!


it has been a busy couple weeks and i am getting ready to have my open shop night on feb. 7th from about 3 to 7pm. please feel free to drop by and have a beer and talk about bikes or politics or food or whatever you want. i am expecting a bunch of folks so if you want to bring some beer, wine, juice or whatever, please feel free.

in the meantime i am working on dean’s portuer fixie to get it to paint before the event and also expecting to get heather’s winter training bike and dan’s portuer bike back before long. the paint shop has shifted personnel and the schedule is a little off but it is worth the wait for a coat paint job.

i am also putting in some more time with BTR in the coming months to organize a benefit auction for BTR at the google campus in northern california. google has offered the space and will be inviting a big crowd but we have to put together the list of items to be auctioned off. the date and list of items should be confirmed in the next couple weeks. stay tuned.

speaking of confirmations……… i am proud to have witnessed these times in our countries history. although listening to npr coverage was a bit of a broken record the last couple days. it is motivating to think about all the shoulder’s being put to the wheel to make some changes in our countries direction. it is a lot like steering a huge boat and i don’t think anything will happen fast but i think it will happen. i am all for some belt tightning and agree that the time for hard choices is long overdue.

i have been riding a little and able to catch a couple of the group rides on saturday and sunday but have been focused on working and making a new business plan for ira ryan cycles.

raphatour09_895it is hard to hear about all the riding that the rapha continental guys are doing in california as a pre-tour of california route but it feels good to get some work done. they have done about 115 miles per day for the last 4 days! i am jealous of the miles but…….. i was told last weekend that we were cranking out 800 watts in my 39×23 into a 30mph headwind on our training ride.

ride on!


5 Responses to “missing the TOC, doin’ 800 watts and open shop night!”

  1. bikeiowa Says:

    800 whats?

  2. matt hall Says:

    as soon as you start talkin’ about watts, you’ve sucked all the fun out of cycling…….don’t head down that dark path.

  3. Ari Says:

    Good news and good words on your post. We ALL need to pitch in. Your bikes are coming out nicer and nicer. Out here we have been riding studded tires in freezing temps.

  4. ira ryan Says:

    i would like to add that I didn’t have a powertap. i was riding NEXT to someone who had one who volunteered the information without my asking. i still go with the “perceived effort” training that has worked for ages.

    love the “800 whats?” too.

  5. ari Says:

    I know this is off the subject but a long while ago you had done a nice write up about your trans-Iowa race. Do you have any idea where I might find it?
    Still single digits here.

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