in one week the snow came, wrecked havoc on our town, melted and now we are back to normal rain every day. ahhhh. my routine has been off since the holidays and the weather but now i am back at it and happy to present to the world for all your viewing pleasure, darrell’s completed bike and e. strong’s hand built  frame, fork, rack and stem fresh from coat powdercoaters.

i am looking forward to my ritualistic coffee and oatmeal in the morning, an occasional training ride before i head to the shop and a new year of handmade bicycles to roll out of the doors of ira ryan cycles. in the last year, i have been able to make more bicycles than i ever have before in a year and those bikes are better than anything else i have made since i started constructing in january of 2005. i am grateful for all the people that have wanted me to build bikes for them and look forward to building bikes, riding and having coffee with more new friend’s in 2009. these are rituals that i enjoy about what i do. thanks.

in the coming months i would like to put together a ride and an open shop event at ira ryan cycles and would encourage feedback on these ideas. if you can drop by for a drink and a chat about anything bike or otherwise, please do. i will nail down a date in the next week or so.



12 Responses to “ritual”

  1. beth h Says:

    I think an Open Studio event would be great! Please keep me in the loop. I’d especially love you to do a brief presentation about how and why you got into constructing at said event. Invite the media. Serve really good coffee. perhaps consider having live acoustic instrumental music in the background (well, okay maybe that’s a bit much; but if you decide it isn’t lemme know…)

    Definitely a YES. Happy new year –Beth

  2. joel Says:

    ride/open shop event sounds like a stellar idea. if i think of anything more than “thats a great idea!” ill let you know. e strong = totally stoked. that bike looks beautiful.

    i dont think were quite back to “normal” yet, though – we opened up the year with 3 inches of rain in 24 hours! and then an inch of snow! considering the flooding, i think weve had 2 winter apocalypses in as many weeks. dare i ask whats next?

  3. Stephen Gitchell Says:

    When I first ordered my bike from you I thought you should give a Ira Ryan ride for people who ordered a bike from you or not for exposure , But people would like to ride with you Maybe not kick ass hack up a lung ride but a ride for the majority of the cyclist who commute and ride for the low impact on the earth.

  4. bikeiowa Says:

    Howdy Ira, you should have a weekly open shop / beer drinking / story telling event like Kenny does. Your ride should be a grand tour from there to here so I can do some of it.

  5. Paul Says:

    Hey Ira. Any chance you are coming out for the North American Show in Indi?

  6. iraryanbicycles Says:

    i wanna make it to see the show but i don’t have any plans (or money) to ship a booth to indi. thanks for all the feedback on the openshop ideas. thinking early feb on a weekend day. beer, wine, coffee and bikes. i will see about the live music but a little ride up saltzman or to coffee might work well. please spread the word and stay tuned.

  7. Danny Felts Says:

    Hey Ira,

    A group ride would be awesome now that the snows finally gone. Looking forward!

  8. antbikemike Says:

    Ira, I highly recomend an annual Open House.
    We have been doing it for 7 years, every year getting bigger and better. Open House is our most favorite event of the year and gives more to our customers, friends and new friends….way better than going to NAHBS or any other event. I mean we still like going to all of the other events, but nothing beats having people coming to your shop, because they are interested in you and your work…not 150 other shops;)…and you can fit in a ride too!

  9. beth h Says:

    Another thought, Ira — do you know about Portland Open Studios? They run an annual tour of studios of Portland-area craftspoeple and artists. Check ’em out here for more ideas:



  10. Brian E Says:

    Ira – Sarah and I would definitely make it. Go for it!

  11. EB Says:

    you are my inspiration-
    thanks for just simply doing what you love
    hope to pedal with you someday

  12. Ari Says:

    G. Pickle and I are going to have a midwest Ira Ryan Cycles conference soon!

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