picture-084it is day four of being “trapped” in our house. just kidding. it really isn’t as bad as it sounds. the snow is too much for our 3 snow plows that portland uses to spread the five truckloads of sand over he whole city of portland. it has kind of turned into a jole that the snow plow is about as elusive as a unicorn or bigfoot. you might only see it for a second out of the corner of your eye from a block away but you swear that you did see it. the amazing thing is that it seems to be plowing the snow but you cross a street that it has gone down and the snow is still there. rach and i have walked to do our errands every day for a couple hours and it is great to see the streets full of people out skiing and walking around the neighborhoods. i am curious what it might be like in a different part of town but it is a long walk in the snow. the cars are all burried in the white stuff with some typical scenes of brake lights, reverse lights and brake lights rocking back and forth trying to get out of a small pile of snow.i rode to the market the other night on a bigger street and had a blast. let a bunch of air out of the tires (think tubular cross pressure) and had minimal problems riding in the street. not as easy as skiing but still faster than walking. the key is keeping the weight back over the rear and making motorcycle sounds as you power through the big piles or counter steer for 5 feet at a time. yee haw! oh yeah, forgot to mention that our road trip to iowa is cancelled. all the roads east trough the gorge are closed, portland airport is shut down and amtrak service is cancelled for the next couple days. sad that we aren’t making it back to iowa city for the holidays but happy to not have to worry about being stuck in a ditch in wyoming during a snow storm. there is a thin line between adventurous and stupid but traveling 2000 miles in this weather is stupid at best. plus, it means i can work a little over the break and get some bikes built. in the meantime, i will continue to check my email every ten minutes and drink too much coffee for someone stuck inside most of the day.

blogs that i have enjoyed reading while being snowed in………

soso velo is a portland blog that i find funny.

molly cameron‘s adventure’s in belgium.

g. pickle‘s blog makes me feel a little soft for being a midwesterner in portland snow. ski onward!


3 Responses to “snowdaze!”

  1. Stephen Gitchell Says:

    Yea the snow is here and things come to a stop but it only lasts X so take the relaxing days of not riding and watch a movie o two , things will get better and you all can watch your heart rates and cadence and not curse mother nature. Its better than nuke winter. Good weather will return come rain or shine.

  2. ricke Says:

    merry christmas you two!…………..went snowboarding today and i hurt! anyway………..i think tommy and i are going for a mtn bike ride after x-mas.

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