recession proof?

i have been asking this question to myself a lot lately and we will see what happens as the economic state of the country and the world continues. it is interesting to see the event unfold as they have in the last couple months, or even the last year, and quiet frankly i think it has been a long time coming in this country. i realize that increased oil prices will effect everything in this culture, including the cost of building bicycles but i think it is a move in the right direction. we as a society are a little too comfortable and disconnected from the world around us. enter the bicycle as a tool to change your perspective in regards to what used to happen outside your car window. yes, the rain is cold and wet on your face if commute by bike everyday but in the end, you might feel better and saved some money that you would have spent on your drive to work. i am amazed to see the cost of not only producing a car versus the cost of producing a bike but also the total cost of operation of that vehicle. even with all the parts to manufacture and ship all over the world to keep up with the latest eleven speed component groups, the total waste is much less than a car. the crazy spikes in oil prices this last summer were great, in my opinion, because it was a more realistic situation to the rest of the world that doesn’t subsidize it’s oil prices like we do in the U.S. it meant i was going to pay more to get materials shipped from ohio, but i was happy to see an honest reflection of cost for our culture. as the government considers a bailout of the big three auto makers to sustain our dependency on them and oil, i see a solution in the form of people riding bikes again for general transportation. i hope it continues and, even with oil prices falling (suspicious!), we as a culture will start to change our habits to integrate more efficient means of transport into our daily lives.

meanwhile back at the shop………………
i am finishing up dan’s porteur bike and getting it ready for paint today. i am waiting for the paul cantilevers to show up so i can finish darrell’s bike before i leave for iowa where i will take g. pickle’s frame and fork to him. yay! i am also picking up kim’s mixte city bike at paint today. i am looking forward to all the bikes that are in the mix right now and grateful to build bicycles for so many amazing people. thanks.


2 Responses to “recession proof?”

  1. janina perez Says:

    Yeah, it’s true. toget people out of comfort zone. I drove 1000 m on my car and 3k on my bike. Why depend on cars, unless absolute.I started riding bikes to work and such 20 years ago.It was so much fun, and now-KILLER! With so much More support from local middle class riders abound. Us Mexicans have been doing this for years and now you yuppie cum middle class kids woke up good for you…….Keep pedaling….

  2. Ari Says:

    Thanks for posting such good comments. I think you are right. I am looking to find work closer to home and completely eliminate use of car for 2009. I think next year will be a turning point in the bike industry and the ones that have been following will do well.
    Best to you,

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