winter-pocolypse 08!!

the shit is hitting the fan. the snow is about a half inch thick and the roads are icy. i am convinced that the whole city of portland only has one pick up truck’s worth of sand to put down on all the roads using their one mint condition snow plow which does make the conditions tricky toget around in.  i am happy to have some old bike racing videos and my even older rollers in the basement to keep me motivated and familiar with the bike. it is amazing how fast an hour and a half passes when you are zoned out on tv and heart rates.  i wanted to make it to the shop to work a little today but it was cold to ride and i was content to drink coffee, read the sunday times and write all my christmas card this afternoon instead. i will make it into the shop monday morning after i spend a little time watching andre tchmil take the 2000 tour of flanders. classic.

5 Responses to “winter-pocolypse 08!!”

  1. Caroline Says:


  2. joel Says:

    its zip ties and long wheelbase for me tomorrow in the icy breath of the killstorm. hopefully i will turn up the awesome rather than the wipeout. wish me luck!

  3. Dave Says:

    Funny isn’t it. Folks back home in Iowa and Illinois would call this a dusting.

    It actually felt like home a bit yesterday, walking around in it, except the streets were empty.

  4. Jason Says:

    even down here in houston we got some snow last week. Not enough to stay on the ground, but it was actual snow flakes, not just freezing rain. Fortunately it cleared up before all us houstonians could make fools of ourselves driving in those conditions.

  5. ritual « Ira Ryan Cycles Says:

    […] By iraryanbicycles in one week the snow came, wrecked havoc on our town, melted and now we are back to normal rain every day. ahhhh. my routine has been off since the […]

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