btr, holiday travel and bicycles

shop-pics-3471i have been stoked to hole up in the shop the last couple of weeks. very exciting to be getting a lot of work done and stopped by the painter’s today and got to see a couple bikes that’ll be ready for pick up next week. beautiful bikes. i am proud of the craft i put into the bikes but the paint really is the icing on the cake. even though i have been building for years, i feel like i am really hitting my stride with my work and style in the last year or so. all the time in the shop with the rain outside in the last couple days means i have not ridden as much as i should be or maybe it is the season of good beer and hearty meals catching up with me.

i met with tom and clara about btr last week and we have some exciting news to report. google is helping us throw a benefit for btr on april 4th, 2009 on their campus in the bay area. we are looking for items to be auctioned off and will also be hosting a 25 mile ride in the area the same weekend. if you haven’t heard about bikes to rwanda, please check it out. we are the only non-profit bike organization that is focused on putting bike shops and training mechanics in rwanda. please support btr and donate to help us get bikes to the coffee farmers in this smal african country.

rachel and i are getting ready to leave for the holidays and drive to the midwest. we have our cassette tapes all cued up and snow chains ready. it will be an adventure and i am looking forward to seeing old friends and family for a week or so. now off to finish christmas cards.


2 Responses to “btr, holiday travel and bicycles”

  1. bikeiowa Says:

    Dude! Great to hear all that is up at the shop Ira old buddy old pal! Looking forward to seeing you and the missus soon. And you messed up the link to my blog. But it’s okay…

  2. ari Says:

    Drive careful and don’t forget your survival gear. Blankets, water, food, extra clothes and some flashlights.
    The very best holidays to you, Rachel and all your family and friends.

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