cd at single speed cx world’s. somebody’s been workin out.

this has been a productive couple of weeks in the shop. since the weather has changed and it has been raining for a week or so, i have been enjoying long hours behind the file and vice. something about the looming rain clouds does make me excited about doing some long miles in the shit of the winter. i don’t have anything big planned like the trans-iowa next year but there is something gratifying about getting home from 6 hours in the saddle and having a bowl of hot soup.

this is the time of year for the die hard commuters and also the season of the training racer. when you pass another cyclist in a downpour there is an understanding of epic that fairweather riders just don’t get. it is nice to get this even on the short 30 minute commutes to the shop with the rain coming at you sideways. i always have to remind myself that is could be worst. 18 degrees and icy.once i get to work, i don’t mind being there for long hours waiting for my clothes to dry.

i have been using the new anvil jig and LOVING it! i have made 2 frames with it and it is faster and super easy to set up and use. mad props go out to don ferris for all his hard work and craftsmanship. looking forward to getting pickle’s gravel road machine finished today and continuing on kim’s mixte city bike. dan’s portuer bike is next to build and i should be getting e. strong’s cupcake II back in a couple weeks.

digging around the shop last week i found a couple things i need to sell and thought i might put it out here too. i have ricky’s old airborn road frame and fork for sale. it is a 60cm center to top seat tube and 61cm effective top tube. to small for him but it makes a good summer road bike. it has a carbon giant fork and one inch chris king headset. i am asking $400 or best offer.


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