barton park cx

resting today and riding to shop for a long day finishing e strong’s bike for paint and starting pickle’s bike. the race was super wet. i had a good start and tried to stay with steven for the first half before i had a couple technical goofs and started going backwards. all in all, i had a good time and was able to pass in the long flat sections. maybe i will see the top 25 before the season is up. then again, i am really looking forward to not racing cross and doing some long, wet rides in the coming months. fenders, rain capes, base miles and coffee. i can’t deny the fact that i love long rides. epic mountain climbs and 100 miles in the rain. more inclined to work longer hours in the shop as the rain and cold make the outside less appealing. hopefully i will get the anvil jig up and running this week. need to build a base for the fixture and then i will not have to spend an hour setting up for each frame.

if you aren’t sick of cross yet, check out the euro style. i am learning dutch little by little.

3 Responses to “barton park cx”

  1. joel Says:

    hey, you were looking pretty good there pretty much all race. held off matt for a good long time. always nice when a framebuilder can make their sponsored rider work for it 🙂 took me a moment to figure out that pic of me, but then realized it was inbound over the dike, just about to set the bike down. good little runup, that one.

    got some inquiries about whether or not i *really* specifically requested a quill stem for the build. heh. and not one, but TWO callouts for “joel metz on the ira ryan” while making the turnaround. wow. never gotten one of those before, but 2 in one race? flattering. ill try not to let it go to my head.

  2. beth h Says:

    Ira! I LOVE Joel’s new cross bike! It looks like Daffy Duck on acid and makes me giggle in a really sweet, happy, beautiful way. More happy bikes! Yay!
    Love, Beth

  3. the mostly reverend Says:

    ira’s got HAIR!!

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