fall cold

the show was a success! got as chance to talk to a ton of really great folks this weekend even though i was feeling like crap on friday and saturday from a head cold. getting ready for the show, not eating right, riding in the cold portland mornings and drinking a little too much coffee was the combination that brought me down. kind of a bummer and i wish i would have felt better but it was good turn out for the first oregon manifest show in portland. it is always funny to feel like i have some sort of blinders on with regards to what other builders are doing in the world of bicycle constructing. then once or twice a year, we all come out of our shops and get together to show our work to the world. it is a lot of work and i am always worked afterwards but it i always leave the weekend feeling charged with a new inspiration to build bicycles. i had a number of great conversations with people about all sorts of things aside from bikes but by and large, the conversations were bike oriented and i didn’t mind. i admit that i am a bike dork for sure. the bummer about the weekend was being sick and not having the energy after the show to go out and party. by the end of standing on a concrete floor all day, i was a blithering idiot and ready to pass out.  saturday night was spent tearing down my booth and the btr booth and shuttling bikes and booth to st johns. we dropped the truck off at 10 pm and we had no energy to go to the rapha roller race. i had grand intentions of wanting to race cross on sunday. i woke up and felt like shit with a head full of snot and a sore body. super frustrating and feeling somewhat grumpy about not racing cross this weekend but i would rather wait and feel better rather than race and be out of commission for the next week of work.

looking to finish up elliott’s bike build in the next week, finish dan’s cross bike, drop off cody’s fork and rack at the painters and start a couple city bikes for kim and dan.

i also got another order of t shirts in and they are ready to sell for all of the people who asked about them. they are blue with brown ink in small, medium and large on american apparel t shirts and going for $20 including shipping.

thanks to mike davis at pdxcross.com for the photo on the header. keep up the good work.

i have 2 mediums and 2 large jerseys left for sale also.



5 Responses to “fall cold”

  1. Craig Says:

    Hey Ira the show was grand indeed, it was good to see you in physical form(as opposed to digital). get well.

  2. MtMann Says:

    Sorry about the cold – rest up and then race hard. Your bikes were beautiful, as always – I loved seeing Joel’s bike all dirtied. I was finally able to bring my wife to a show – I think she gets it now.

  3. Wes Says:

    Hey Ira. I might be interested in one of those Medium jerseys. I couldn’t see an email address for you anywhere on the site, so just fire me a quick msg at wesleyhodgson -at- gmail.com. Cheers.

  4. Ronnie Says:

    Sent you and email about a jersey swap. You accidentally mailed me a M and I need a large. I’m going to send it back before my wife “adopts” it.

  5. Singlespeed Maniac Says:

    Hi Ira,

    Is this a new the T-shirt design ? Or is it the same as on the link below ?
    ira ryan cycles t-shirts



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