double hooder!

prerace drug test?

headed out to hood river this weekend to race cross two days in a row. i forgot how chill it is on cross race day. sleep in until 8am and head to the coffee shop to meet elizabeth to catch a ride to the race. we sip coffee and headed east in the gorge to the race.

the plus of racing A’s is you don’t race until 2pm but it also means that you spend the day working up the pre race jitters. after killing time walking around the course and talking to other racers as to the the correct line through a corner or whether to run or ride a section, i get kitted up and rub on a little embrocation in the chilly fall air. raced on tubulars for the first time and they rule! thanks again to chris king for the hubs. the sky was grey and the course was dry and dusty. matt and i toed up to the start line with 16 other A’s with most of the local fast guys in seattle for star crossed on saturday. it seemed harder with fewer racers as your place in the race was easier to identify. i didn’t see too many people and didn’t feel like i had anyone to chase. even though the race was only an hour, it was the longest hour of the day. my focus of the day was to work on being smooth and pick good lines in the talc-like dust.i finished 9th and matt beat me by 2 places.

post race nap and mexican food before we stayed up too late watching cable at greg’s swanky house. sunday’s race was better. the course was better with less dusty turns and longer grassy flat sections. matt raced single speed and the A’s. more familiar faces showed up from portland and the race was better because of it. got a chance to duke it out with tony kic and ryan weaver most of the race. had a great start and didn’t fade too far back. came in 16th and matt got 19th. solid mid pack A’s finish. got me all excited to race in the mud and cold later in the season.

made it back to portland and spent the rest of the sunday doing laundry, eating some pizza and watching  road to roubaix. went to bed early and made it to the shop early on monday to get darrell’s chainstays and fork brazed up. looking to finish it for paint this thursday and start brazing dan’s cross bike up too. found a little time to work on the show for the oregon manifest too.



One Response to “double hooder!”

  1. bikeiowa Says:

    Top 10 and sweet 16, a fine weekend!

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