summer is winding down

i keep forgetting to take photos of frames and stems i have been working. sorry. darrell’s lite touring/ city bike is comming together and it looks good. after finishing jake’s bike and having it look simple and classy, i am excited to have a couple more general purpose bikes to build. fenders installed, able to carry light panniers and some lights and the bike can go anywhere all day long. one one side you have city bikes and bikes built with a purpose to be used every day rain or shine and carry you and the things you need throughout the day but the other side that balances it all out (for me anyway) is racing and race bikes. light weight and stripped down to nothing but what you are going to use for a race. i started drawing up dan’s cross bike which will have a wound up fork and be used as his B race bike in addition to being his winter trainer and trans- iowa bike in the future. light and simple but with the ability to use fenders and fly down the rough roads. it really is all about balance. the oregon manifest is coming up and i am working with joe at wieden and kennedy to put on an event at w+k. should be good. the show’s coming up are exciting and i have a number of different ideas for bikes that i wanna show off. the stress of making the bikes is big but i have a hard time with the concept of the space. i tend to make it too complicated and try to “say” too much when in reality, i build bicycles and sell bicycles. simplicity should rule.

hood river is this weekend and also a double day of cross racing. looking forward to racing with some familiar faces including matt hall and the A’s. ouch. fortunately, a number of people will be headed to seattle to race star cross so the field should be smaller. dry, dusty and fast but i have been riding my chris king tubular wheels and they are super quick. it seems like everyone has been waiting all summer for cross. soon it will be rainy and cold and muddy races will lure us out into the world on the weekends.

in between those weekends and maybe even on those weekends, i will be working on making some beautiful bicycles.

2 Responses to “summer is winding down”

  1. bikeiowa Says:

    Nice photos over there, lets have the race report!

  2. iraryanbicycles Says:

    soon! first i must recover from 2 days of cx racing.

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