old men and mud

bikes prepared for a mini tour.

for some reason i have been feeling like i have been half a step behind in my life for most of the summer and haven’t been able to reel it in. the shop has been busy and i have been making bikes, racks and getting ready for some cyclo cross this season. matt and i have been doing cross training rides and even running! the buzz is in the air and it is hard to miss cross bikes rolling around the city and passed the coffee shop in the morning as i get my morning fix before i roll up to work. it has been motivating to be around the colder air and caffeine.

i have been brainstorming a couple show bike ideas for the oregon manifest show in october and the handmade show in february. in the end my ideas and style remain simple and very rooted in the idea that a bicycle can be elegant and designed well and doesn’t need to have a bunch of polished stainless steel bits to catch the eye. i have always found a profound beauty in the style of bikes that are being ridden by old men and commuters. the “get ‘er done” simplicity of a milk crate on a rack or the haggard patina of a 25 year old bridgestone that is ridden every day. these are the people’s bikes and the ones that could outlast a cockroach in a bomb blast. clean it up, make the racks dialed and make it fit. this is what makes me smile like an old man.

i have been working on elliott’s portuer/city bike this last week and it is this type of bike. clean and simple with rack, fenders, simple light mounts. it will be built up with some used parts and is gonna be ridden every day in portland. the city bike is really taking off this year and i can only say that rising oil and people like g. pickle spreading the bike love are helping to further the use of bikes as a viable tool to lift ourselves out of some of our problems in this country.

a little off topic but rachel and i took a mini tour out to the coast in honor of her birthday last week. the rain put our plans on hold but we had a rad little ride out the nestucca river road and eventually to cape lookout state park. i strongly recommend the biker/hiker sites at cape lookout as they are some of the best on the coast route. oatmeal and espresso in the morning and amazing country around us despite the labor day traffic on the way back.

placed the jersey order last week and it looks like all the larges and extra larges are all spoken for. i got 10 mediums and a couple smalls but that’s it. kit is expensive and hard to scrape together enough dough to make it all work out on time. also have a order of t shirts on the way but not before mid september. hats are a ways out because they are a lot more labor intensive. sorry for the spotty inventory.

also talked to ricky the other day about his plans to race raam next year. super exciting to build rick a slick new road bike and have him race it next summer. he is on the track to some killer training with a 70 mile commute every day! he and sarah are super kind people. livin la vida loca!

looking to get darrel’s, kim’s and dan’s bikes rolling this week in time for the paint drop off next week. promise more shop and build pictures as it is important for me to show the process of building. plus i just like the shop pics.


5 Responses to “old men and mud”

  1. Paul Says:

    “placed the jersey order last week and it looks like all the larges and extra larges are all spoken for.”

    Dang. Knew I should have ordered sooner….too many Random Order Chipotle Brownies….

  2. bikeiowa Says:

    12 DAYS IRA?!?!?!?!?

    whats goin’ on out there?

    consider yourself called out.

  3. bikeiowa Says:

    I didn’t want to do this Ira, but you leave me no choice.

    You are hereby called out TWICE!!!!!!!

    Don’t make me do it thrice.

  4. doug Says:

    ha ha ha, i remember cape lookout on my tour this summer (norcal to seattle). One of the coldest, windiest, rainiest days of the whole trip. And the road over the cape itself was pretty beastly. The campsite was, yes, beautiful, but also an agonizing long walk from the lukewarm shower room and painfully exposed to those frigid ocean gales.

    Oh, who am I kidding? I loved it even though I was huddled in my sleeping bag all afternoon and I can’t wait to go back.

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