doing it rite!


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excited about the prospects of cross season that is pressing down upon the cloudy skies of portland. it is the collective knowledge that soon even the best of friends will be elbowing each other to get the holeshot during the first cross races of the season. i have been overhearing friends and racers discussing the merits of tubulars, the proper fit for cross and how much running to do to prepare. my approach involves a little running, shorter more intense rides, some intervals and the right bike! matt hall and i have talked tubulars on many a ride and today i decided to see what molly had to offer. even a mediocure tub is better than a great clincher tire. i picked up 3 tufos, a grifo 32 and a dugast 32 than has been repaired. at $100 a tire, even a wholesale deal is pricey for 2 bikes worth of tires. even though they are used, i think $100 for 5 tubs is a good deal. similar to paying your entry fee in advance forcing you to take your commitment seriously. new bike with real cross tires, new skinsuit and some training under my belt should get me butt in gear. i am ready to step on some heads but also get my head stepped on also.

a number on people have called about jerseys. thanks for all the interest. they should be here by the 3rd week in september. they cost $65 and are short sleeve with full zip for those richard virenque climbing moments. sorry, gold chain is not included. if you wanna send me a check for pre payment, please include a note to let me know what size you want. they are race cut and run a little small.
my address in on the bottom of my process page on my website.
again, thanks for all the love.

build bikes and race cross.


One Response to “doing it rite!”

  1. bikeiowa Says:

    you need someone to glue them suckers just ship them out to Iowa. Oh yeah, and why don’t you come on back for that celebration of continental theft and bring yer cross bike with ya and race that uci jiggly cross we have here in the big IC!

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