International Relations

Hello again everyone, guest blogger gpickle wriggling back through the tubes of the webosphere to update Ira’s blog for him because he is too busy building frames for all of you to do it himself, I suppose. I warned him this would happen. I am sure he would want to share this, so here we go.

Many of you will remember that Ira motorpaced CSC-SaxoBank rider and 2 time USA olympic team rider Jason McCartney a month or so ago, he wrote about it here. Ira and Jason are old friends and today in the New York Times they did a great article about Jason (and Michael Barry) cycling in Beijing and

photo from the nytimes

there is an accompanying slideshow with an interview of Jason. In short, it rocks! Check it out here, and you will be made happier, I guarantee it!

That is all for now, I am just as anxious as you all to see what Ira has to share with us next so let us all pester him and get him to write something here so I can get back to updating my own blog!

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