cuttin’ costs

i took my espresso maker, my grinder and my camp stove to the shop to curb my “expensive” $2 americano habit down the street at the james john cafe. as much as i love ken, i need to start making my own espresso at the shop. it has been super good and nice to set on the steps and sip a little morning motivation.

just finished a couple frames and dropped em off at coat for a super slick paint job. kevin and poncho are some of the most honest, kindest folks working around toxic paint fumes that i’ve ever met. looking forward to seeing ricky’s road bike in white with big black ira ryan decals and mike lilly’s road frame and fork in beautiful red powder with a cream panel.

i am back in the swing of things and getting a little time in the saddle before or after work in the shop. the adjustment back from a little time in the midwest is always a little interesting. the heartland is a little lower key and a bit less hip than the left coast. this idea is reinforced by reading molly’s blog about the land of 10,000 lakes. you don’t see as many cyclists in the midwest but something about the quiet and open roads make it appealing to people who are so sensitive to horns and cars.

a lot of stuff going on in portland and around the world too. had a bikes to rwanda meeting last week to discuss clara’s trip to rwanda in a couple weeks to help with the bike shop that we helped to get off the ground. very exciting but stressful as bikes to rwanda is still a lot of work for everyone involved. i encourage everyone to check out btr and what we have been doing including a recent fund raising tour in california.

thinking about racing a little short track tomorrow just to get ready for cross but we’ll see. super laid back crowd with some beer and dirt on a warm summer evening.


4 Responses to “cuttin’ costs”

  1. Ari Says:

    I like the interview in Rapha. That pretty much sums the type of riding I like. Yesterday I got hit by 3 major storms with one having a tornado warning. the last 23 miles of gravel on the trail were impossible. 10 inches of water and downed trees. I made it home by midnight and had never felt so well in my life.

  2. patrick Says:

    “Hell, even riding Saltzman the other day is a favorite.”

    Hell yes.

    Some of my best memories of riding this year are the early season battles we had up Saltzman.

    Would love to drop by and try a Ira Ryan Espresso.


  3. bikeiowa Says:

    Ira, you best update this blog, or I will!

  4. International Relations « Ira Ryan Cycles Says:

    […] Ira Ryan Cycles The daily life of a bicycle framebuilder, mechanic and rider « cuttin’ costs […]

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