back in black!

i am back in the shop and happy as a clam to be back to a routine that involves riding bikes, drinking double americano’s, building beautiful bicycles and spending a little time on the front porch drinking wine and talking late into the evening. i love summer. i wanted to write a account of the tour that rachel and i took from iowa city to minneapolis, but it will require a couple longer posts to really capture the bulk of the experience. good times for sure aside from the humidity and the bugs. the folks in the midwest are truly some of the nicest people you will ever meet. we spent four days casually waving at every car, truck and tractor that we saw on the road. ragbrai is now rolling it’s way across the state of iowa and i am happy to not be there but i do miss drinking beer in the afternoon sun with pickle and the boys. the train ride back to portland took 36 hours and after riding for four days, our legs didn’t know what to think but we were both eager to return to our lives in the pacific northwest.

getting back to the shop felt sooo good. i felt refreshed and excited to get started on a couple new bikes. i started mike’s road bike and should have it ready for paint by next week along with rickie’s road bike too. next up to bat are e. strong’s bike with a front rack and elliott’s porteur bike. there is a solid trend towards bikes to be used everyday in place of a car that i fully encourage. racks, fenders, lights to be used everyday to get around town, tour and use. car companies are closing factories and people are driving less. the shift in energy use and how we function on a daily basis will change whether we want it to or not. bikes won’t save the situation but it makes sense compared to going broke filling your car with oil.

sorry for the rant. peace.


6 Responses to “back in black!”

  1. rawls Says:

    Yahoo! Ira is back in Portland!

  2. MtMann Says:

    Welcome back – saw you out at short track last night. And saw at least 3 other builders racing on their own bikes. Which is really cool.

  3. michael waskom Says:

    hey, a bit off topic but after reading your blog for a while now and following the rapha continental happenings i figured you would be a good person to ask a few questions of.

    i’m riding a fixed double century(sarasota fl, to gainesville fl) next week and i want to know if you have any tips for long distance rides. i’m in pretty good condition but time isn’t an issue with this ride i’m just doing it to do it.

    thanks for any help!


  4. ira ryan Says:

    burritos and chamois cream.

  5. Paul Says:

    I can’t wait for my Ira Ryan frame to be built! Woot!

  6. Dave Anderson Says:

    Ira….Came across your blog…as an Iowan, I read your Iowa entries with great interest. Sounds pretty familiar! I also wouldn’t mind reading more about your trip from IC to Minneapolis. Sounds like a sweet trip. If your ever in the area again (twin cities), let me know.


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